Grouper Hunting

Florida Sportsman Member: Mako224 We cleared the Pass at 7AM and tried to locate bait. Nothing around the pass so off we went to 30 feet and caught pins, grunts and sardines. Then off we went to 100 plus feet.


Rodent Lures for Bass

This came to mind because, every year at ICAST, the international fishing tackle trade show, there are a few more mice, rats, birds—and turtles—among the many baitfish, crawfish and frog lures engineered to fool bass—or bass anglers. Actually, mice lures have been around forever—my Uncle Bob back in Ohio was fishing one in the 1950′s, though I don’t think he ever caught anything on it.


Scouting Days

How would you handle fishing for one particular kind of fish, hundreds of miles from home, on a random calendar date? What would be your strategy? What resources might you use? What tackle would you bring?These are the kinds of questions tournament fishermen routinely answer.


Breaking Marina Records

Florida Sportsman member: Angler Management Action was off the condos in 130 to 150 feet, with 143 being the hot number. Goggle eyes were getting pounded all day and we broke off a few and had some 30 plus pound fish sharked, but managed a 42 and 45 pounder on the marina scale and broke our current record.


Mutton Bite

Florida Sportsman Member: nightfly We had a spot far away were this time last year we were catching large mangroves. We had the bait and the weather to do it, so we went for it. We got there and bottom machine looked great. Right away the bite was on, lots of muttons, one after the other.

shaky head

Shaky Head Fishing for Bass

The shaky head, essentially a Texas-rigged worm-and-jighead combo, is pure dynamite on bass oriented to the bottom, in deep or shallow water.


Catching on the New Boat

Florida Sportsman Member: StandOutI2I saw a fish tailing so I told mom where to look and she saw the fish and made the shot. Without me telling her where and boom, fish on! A solid fish at 27 inches and was her first real fish that she has sight fished.

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Tournament Calendar

The most comprehensive, widely-based list of tournaments for the state of Florida. Please send your updated tournament information to  …»


Basic Florida Seagrass Facts

A primer on the favorite flats habitat. They say Inuit people can identify seven different kinds of snow. There are almost that many kinds of sea grass on Florida’s flats, but if you can tell the difference between just three varieties, it’s likely to make you a considerably better angler.


Florida Daytime Swordfish

We tell you exactly how to catch a huge Florida swordfish during the day. “There was talk the only way to catch them was to do it at night when thefish were closer to the surface feeding,” said Taute, smiling. “That’s not true any longer.”


Bass in the ‘Burbs

A streetwise fishing quest amid the sprawling city scape of Orlando. As a 12-year-old in ’62 Orlando, I mostly fished four nearby lakes. Equipped with the normal fascination with any tap transmitted from an artificial worm.


Skinny Water Sight Fishing

Florida Sportsman Member: SpaceCoast Slayer The water is crystal clear in most spots I went to and I got to watch every one of em clobber the lure. No heroes but it’s awesome to see them eat whether they are 3 pounds or 30 pounds.

Bait struggling against a float rings the dinner bell for dolphin. The float itself may be an appetizer of sorts.

Fishing a Float Offshore

I’m convinced that pegging a foam cork about four feet above a live bait is one of the best tactics for mixed-bag drift-fishing on the summer ocean.


Counter-Current Casting

This “current-countering” cast is ideal whether you’re casting from the opposite bank on a narrow creek, or from a stationary boat on bigger water. It helps around docks, and is useful when surf fly fishing, too, where waves or longshore current tends to sweep your fly down the beach too quickly.


Manatee River Reds and More

Florida Sportsman member: Bassin Assassin A few minutes later a pretty copper-colored rat red inhaled my bait. I needed to size up, so I kept paralleling the shoreline. Reeling in a few minutes later and my lure got blasted, I set the hook on something solid that had some weight.

s muttons

Muttons and More

Florida Sportsman member: gdholbrook Forum member gdholbrook had some luck off of Miami recently. Drifting and fishing live pilchards over productive bottom was the ticket.