ye grouper

Islamorada Deep Dropping

Florida Sportsman member: Captain Easy We then headed offshore and spent the rest of the day bottom dropping in depths from 400 to 800 feet deep. We wound up with an excellent catch of yellow eye snapper, vermillion snapper, queen snapper, tilefish, and a couple of beautiful yellow edge grouper up to 30 pounds.

east wall red

East Wall Redfish

Florida Sportsman member: Ryanlee I waited until the tide wasn’t negative to go out and saw a lot of reds on the east wall. Water temps were around 74 degrees. Got a nice 30 inch fish on a zman shrimp. I’m able to cover a lot of ground with my trolling motor looking for them.

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Fishing the Edges for Redfish

Haines made a long strip, resulting in a good hookset, then raised his rod as the fish powered back onto the oyster-laden mud flat. Playing his fish with the line in his hand, Haines brought the fish safely to the boat for release. We hoped for another shot, but the school of reds had simply disappeared.

31 ec red

A Friend’s First

Florida Sportsman Member: duckmanJR With us having a grueling duck hunt schedule we finally had an off day on Monday while one buddy drove another to the airport and we slept in. We woke at 9 and the weather looked OK, so we splashed the skiff. Wind was brutal at 14 out of the northeast but it didn’t take too long.

ne cobes

Crazy Cobia Action

Florida Sportsman member: Boattronics I deployed the Ipilot, and within only a couple minutes, I was bent over the gunnel with a good fish! The next hour and a half of fishing was absolute mayhem! In less than two hours, I boated 10 cobia!

trey pleco

A Day on the Lake

Florida Sportsman member: greenie-slayer The morning started out a little windy but once the wind laid down in the afternoon the fishing started to pick up. We ended up with only 5 crappie, some small bass, 1 catfish, and a pleco. We missed a couple bigger fish in the weeds because we were using some very light tackle.

WC double

West Central Inshore Bite

Florida Sportsman member: Matt822 The big trout bite has really fired up the last couple weeks with fish in the 25-30 inch range holding in deep pot holes on the flats and edges of channels. I have been using all artificials and they have been producing consistently.


Stealth, Fly Rods and Reluctant Redfish

Get out of the way and into the fish on the Indian River. I had known that there were schools of redfish on the shallow flats at the southern end of Mosquito Lagoon. Until now, however, I had been unable to catch more than one or two fish a day, no matter what I seemed to do. I was about ready to give up.

ne bull

Light Tackle Bull and More

Florida Sportsman member: Morocco_madness This fish was Jakes biggest red of his life. It took nearly every bit of line off the spool, what a monster. Not sure on the exact measurement but it looked around 44 inches to me. Jakes buddy managed to get a very nice sheepshead at 8 pounds as well.

ph phin

Panhandle Offshore With a Surprise

Florida Sportsman member: mahiwahi Several casts in I hooked a fish and it went flying into the air. I thought I had foul hooked a bonita but my friend yelled “it’s a dolphin”. Since it’s January I was in disbelief but as it got closer and I saw yellow I knew he was right.

jax red

Jacksonville Reds on Fly

Florida Sportsman member: FlyFishJax Forum member FlyFishJax shared some videos he put together of some great wintertime redfishing with the long rod.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 2.18.11 PM

Florida Pro Redfish Series

Florida Pro Redfish Series, boasts two divisions: east coast division and west coast division. There are three tournaments in each division and an all-inclusive championship hosted in Panama City.


CCA Star Tournament

Join local recreational anglers, fishing celebrities, political figures and other media for the launch of the inaugural Coastal Conservation Association Florida State-wide Tournament (STAR).


Reds Love Flies

Around the state, redfish on the flats provide a nearly perfect target for flycasters. As a fly fisherman’s meat and potatoes, you could hardly dish out anything to improve on the redfish.


Deep Dropping Out of Haulover

Florida Sportsman member: farinco Got to the first spot and after a nice tangle on the first drop, we reset and BOOM, nice golden tilefish in the box. We got another golden, and then moved on to try to get other species. We managed 2 golden tilefish, 1 gray tilefish, 1 snowy grouper, and 1 yellowedge grouper before calling it a day.


Rod Guides Basics

Budget or breakthrough, it’s hard to imagine fishing rods can get any better than this. For the average angler, if your rod guides are in good condition, showing no signs of wear or cracking, there’s little reason to obsess about the technology.