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Northeast Florida Fisherman Help Find a Cure for Colon Cancer

Northeast Florida fishermen will help find a cure for colon cancer during the Eighth Annual Anglers for a Cure Inshore Slam Fishing Tournament on September 6. Proceeds benefit the Borland-Groover Clinic Foundation for Research and Education.


Fishing Fast with a Worm

A slow-moving, bottom-bouncing worm is great for thoroughly working a small area. But there are situations where getting that worm off the bottom can be a better bet. Here are three ways to turn that bait into a faster-moving lure.

Pine Island Reds

Pine Island Inshore

Florida Sportsman member: RichieUF About 11am we found a nice school of about 40 fish in a location about 10 miles from where we had seen the other schools. We managed to pull 3 out of it before we lost it.

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West Central Offshore Variety

Florida Sportsman Member: harbison Our weekend home away from home is Hubbard Marina’s Florida Fisherman ll. We love to catch fish, however, what makes these extended trips really special is the chance to get to really know real sportsmen/women from all over the country.


Diawa Mag Sealed Technology

Curt Arakawa of Daiwa Corp. talks about their MagSeal technology used on their line of salt and fresh water spinning reels. Magnetic oil is one of a new generation of Nano Fluids that can change density and shape when a magnetic field is applied.


Finesse the Pads

Lily pads make great sunshades for late-summer largemouth, but they are difficult to fish without snagging. One solution that works very well is casting small, weedless-rigged soft plastics along the outer edges of shoreline pads.

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10 Top Flies for Florida Saltwater

If you’re new to saltwater fly fishing, determining what flies you need for a destination trip can be a daunting task. Although there are numerous variables to consider, a few basic principles can simplify the selection process and reduce the size and number of fly boxes you have to lug around.

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St. Augustine Bottom Fishing

Florida Sportsman member: DoradoDreamin We finally changed to some chicken rigs and smaller hooks and the triggers, beeliners and porgies started coming over the gunnel. A bait would not last on the bottom for even 5 seconds before a fish would be biting.


Fly Fishing on Wrecks

Mixed-bag action during the spring migration Wreck fly fishing is fun and rewarding, but purists will need to check their mindset at the dock. For dependable action, chumming is key. Frozen block chum and freshly cast-netted baitfish really get the snappers, jacks and mackerels prowling the upper portion of the water column.


Wrecking the Reds

Florida Sportsman Member: PONCE We caught Reds up to 32 inches and 13 Reds overall on the outgoing tide, all reds and trout were caught on soft plastic paddle tail on a jig. The big fish came first then as the tide was bottoming out came the four 26 and 27 slots for the cooler.


Topwater Frogs for Bass

A hard- or soft-body toad is absolutely tantalizing to bass near cover. Working the bait on the surface in-between a mat of grass or stretch of lily pads produces exciting strikes from bucketmouths. It’s why the baits are so popular amongst bass tournament anglers, and why a number of lure-makers are producing impressive amphibian imitators.

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Two Weeks in Paradise

Florida Sportsman member: dpdash One day bottom fishing, one of the boys left a rod leaning against the gunnel with a bait in the water, all of a sudden Christi shouts the rod just went over! I look over the side and it is sinking out of sight, I jumped in and swam down about 10 feet and grabbed it


Flip Fest Fatties

Florida Sportsman member: Bass2bucks The key is to find the cleaner water with minimal current. After pre-fishing with minimal success my partner and I got lucky on tournament day and found the mother load. We burned up some gas running over 40 miles before we got lucky and stumbled on these fish.


Z-Man Pop ShadZ

Glenn Young of Z-Man Lures introduces the new Pop ShadZ, a versatile soft plastic topwater bait. Made possible due to its natural buoyancy, 10X Tough ElaZtech construction, the new Pop ShadZ is a first-of-its-kind soft plastic topwater bait.


ICAST 2014: New Fly Fishing Products

With the sport of fly fishing progressing so rapidly, the products are getting better and better. Reels are getting lighter, rods are getting stronger and the technology going into them is bar none, the best.


Penn Battle II Spinning Reel

Mike Rice, Penn brand manager, introduces the new Penn Battle II at ICAST 2014. The predeccessor is the Battle, the Battle II has enhanced corrosion protection due to the use of five sealed bearings and one anti-reverse bearing.