Mayport Inlet: Sheepshead, Flounder, Redfish and Trout

Florida Sportsman member: Morroco_madness The transition from late October to November is always prime time Sheepshead fishing. The largest concentration of fish come through Mayport Inlet every year at this time. They quickly disperse throughout the river, the ICW, and neighboring estuaries. The best fishing tends to be at the tips of the Mayport Inlet Jetties.



Florida Sportsman Member: jmsnookman The snook were chewing this morning! The fish were amped up in the cooler water, punishing baits, screaming 15 lb braid off my stradic CI4, exploding out of the water, shaking their gills, trying to throw the hook before splashing back into water and ripping more drag.


Miami Beach: A Trip To Remember

Florida Sportsman member: reelchoas27 We followed for a bit and slowly pulled up to this mammoth whale shark finning down sea. It was loaded with Cobia of all sizes. We sprung into action and started pitching baits. We all hooked up, had a few tangles, and a couple remoras to make things interesting.

lemonbay copy

Lemon Bay Mixed Bag

Florida Sportsman member: kmagnuss All we did was drift and catch fish. Pretty much non-stop action for a couple hours until the tide went slack. Caught several trout, snook, jacks, and one bluefish that she couldn’t handle herself.


Homosassa Reds and Trout

Florida Sportsman Member: SassaWhaler Made several drifts catching trout on each pass. Stopped counting at 25 trout with 11 keepers in the box. Got 2 more keeper reds in the box with one being my friends son’s first redfish.


Wahoo in the Keys

Florida Sportsman member: flbluerunner We decided to make a quick Wahoo trip since the wind laid down and I had a good tide. On our second pass in one of my favorite areas, we got 45lb-er in the box.

Bait struggling against a float rings the dinner bell for dolphin. The float itself may be an appetizer of sorts.

Fishing a Float Offshore

I’m convinced that pegging a foam cork about four feet above a live bait is one of the best tactics for mixed-bag drift-fishing on the summer ocean.


Jigging for Bass

Florida Sportsman member: Livinwide Since my Tortugas trip this summer I’ve been trying a 3/4 ounce pink and white BPS Freestyle jig every once in awhile in the backyard lake. I finally connected two weekends ago while fishing with my nephew.


How to Cast a Popper Fly Better

Heart-stopping topwater strikes don’t have to be followed by casting fatigue or an aching elbow or wrist. Fly casting, if your mechanics are poor, can cause physical pain. Throw a big ol’ popper into the mix and it can get worse. But that is avoidable—all it takes is some adjustments in both the construction of a popper and in the way you cast it.


Jupiter Snook Fishing

Florida Sportsman member: timswriter Sunday morning we arrived at Dubois Park by 6:15 am and the moon was absolutely incredible. We immediately started to hear the water crashing and looked into the lagoon area – the mullet were so thick that you could have walked across them!


Flip a Worm for Bass

Flipping the reeds is classic Florida bass fishing. It works basically year-round on our shallow, bowl lakes where bulrush, cattail and Kissimmee grass comprise the dominant bass habitat.


Success in the Everglades

Florida Sportsman member: lemaymiami As we poled along we began seeing a few reds and snook along a very shallow shoreline – Eric pitched his jig ahead of us and hooked up a big redfish and we were off to the races. It took us almost 15 minutes to beat the fish to where I could get a Boga Grip on it.


Southwest Offshore: Pulley Ridge Trip

Florida Sportsman Member: NaplesSnapper While running we marked a ton of spots, the bottom out there is just stupid good. Each spot produced a few fish, however we hit the motherland after going over a spot we randomly found. First drift, my buddy on the bow throws a 20 pound scamp over, another guy in the back throws a 12 pound mutton in, and another guy in the middle throws a 33 inch red grouper on the deck.


10K Islands: Inshore Variety

Florida Sportsman Member: snookerf150 Fished out of the port Thursday through Saturday last week for the romp in the swamp. We caught lots of fish and some quality fish we just couldn’t get all three to cooperate on tournament day. We had a blast though and love staying down there even if it is only 15 minutes from the house, it is a great staycation for sure.

bonito 2

Fly Fishing for Bonito

False albie. Bonito. Football. Hardhead. Bomber. These are only a few of the nicknames for the little tunny. All around the Florida coastline, from the northern Gulf of Mexico to the Florida-Georgia line, this small member of the tuna family can be caught in good numbers on fly tackle.

cudjoe permit

Cudjoe Key Permit

Florida Sportsman Member: Bonecracker After three solid days of poling her around all over the Keys from Marathon to Cudjoe all we had to show for our efforts but a sunburn and some empty beer bottles. Well all the stars lined up on Wednesday and we finally had a permit actually eat a live crab! The fish fought hard for 15 to 20 minutes and finally it turned over on its side near the boat and finally gave up!