Sonar (including side image, right) reveals baitfish on small mid-bay lump.

Inshore Hard Bottom Fishing Techniques

Along broad stretches of Florida’s coast, fishing hard bottom is also an effective inshore strategy for trout, blues, Spanish mackerel, tarpon, black sea bass, sheepshead, mangrove snapper—and even, yes, the occasional keeper gag.

Targeting Cobia

Targeting Cobia from a Bird’s-Eye View

Florida Sportsman member: miami mutton Forum member miami mutton and his son went with some friends to target cobia and were joined by a great movie maker from @westwardmedia. They show us how drones are meant to be used… to look for fish of course!

Stick Marsh

Stick Marsh Bassin’

Florida Sportsman member: Bass2bucks Forum member Bass2bucks took his girlfriend out to the Stick Marsh recently, where they recorded their bass adventure. After a slow start, they found where the bass were hiding and enticed them with some live shiners.

Freshwater Speck

Freshwater Speck Action

Florida Sportsman member: Sea Snake I got word Monday that the specks had hit the pads good, so decided that is bail out of work early Tuesday and get down there to fish the afternoon till dark. The fish started biting at 3 o’clock and we poked around enough to have a nice little mess for a fish fry, but the fish we did catch were very nice ones.

Kings in Backcountry

Big Kings in Backcountry

Florida Sportsman member: piner_wahoo Fire up the smoker, Keys backcountry is a hot spot right now! Check out these big kings piner_wahoo is showing off. He also snagged some spanish macks and snapper while exploring.

CCAFL_star_Yamaha-presented2017 copy

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Fishing Snook

Sunset Snook Fishing

Florida Sportsman member: Aquaholic IV A buddy and I ran down the South Fork looking for Sheepshead, but found Jacks. Then we worked the docks where we caught Snook, some bigger than others. Finished the night landing five and losing six on my small rods, it was a battle.

Panama Tuna

Panama Tuna and Variety

Florida Sportsman Member: Pesca Pimp Panama We found a nice school of yellowfin tunas feeding with a pod of spinner dolphins one day 15 miles south of Isla Montuosa. Garrett had a blast casting poppers and pitching live baits and we got six nice tunas that went 40-70 pounds!

St. Augustine Snapper

St. Augustine Snapper Are Hungry

Florida Sportsman member: capcioffi We went to two different areas out there and caught three triggers, four red eyes, and over 40 snapper. I mean, the things are eating little pieces of squid two-three inches short, that we cut small trying to get trigger and vermilion. The snapper were eating rigs before we could get to bottom and the bigger the bait the bigger the snapper.

Sarasota Snapper

Snagging Some Sarasota Snapper

Florida Sportsman Member: BlueWater Gear During the day we fished out of Sarasota as deep as 150′ and as shallow as 70′. Most fish were in the two to three pound range with a couple fatty six-seven pounders. Leader size and weight did not seem to matter, because our grouper rod set ups were getting inhaled by snapper! They also seemed to like medium sized squirrel fish.

Snook in the Canal

42″ Mega Snook in the Canal

Florida Sportsman member: harrisa2006 She put up one incredible fight. I knew this was going to be a good fish, but when she partially surfaced and I saw her tail, I could not believe me eyes. My arms began to shake, I was completely flabbergasted. I have caught big snook before, but this snook was so big, that it did not even look like a snook anymore. It looked like a living dinosaur.

Reef Fishing Miami

Reef Fishing Miami

Florida Sportsman member: miami mutton The yellowtail bite was really good, we were targeting them shallower than usual. We also caught some keeper muttons and a nice grey, all in the same spot. We got there close to 9:am and by 10:30am we had close to a five man snapper limit, which we managed to complete, along with a few macks, bonito and a barracuda.

1,000 Islands Inshore

1,000 Islands Inshore Mixed Bag

Florida Sportsman Member: jmsnookman We broke out the light tackle and pitched shrimp and Berkley gulp jigs tight to the mangroves. We had a blast catching and releasing black drum, trout, and redfish. Final tally was seven black drum, four slot trout, and one redfish; pretty good for two hours on the water.

Night Redfishing

Night Redfishing

Florida Sportsman Member: grouperdawg Blew all week we were down at the coast, so last day my oldest talked me into taking them redfishing. We caught fifteen in about two hours, two were slots.

A tarpon on fly can be a long, grueling battle.

Winter Fly Fishing Florida

Head for cover when it’s whistling. Stalk the flats when it’s not. Saltwater fly fishing isn’t always about sun-baked flats kissed by light winds, and bathed by sparkling warm water and battalions of tailing fish.

Skyway Mixed Bag

Skyway Mixed Bag in Rough Seas

Florida Sportsman Member: john martin The weatherman might be right, as it was raining and the wind had picked up to 20 knots. Still fishable, so what was the big deal? Mangos bit from the start so conditions were easy to ignore. The big goozers were chewing on live pinfish.