A Step Above the Others

Fly fishing for summer tarpon from a unique perspective. I’ve caught many fish from the comfort and stability of my ladder long after the sea breeze swept waves have chased the others away.


Keys Swords

Florida Sportsman member: out of the blue We went to work and after a short battle placed a 50 incher on the deck. My spell had been broken and it was my buddy’s turn, unfortunately we pulled the hook on the next bite and then we caught a big mako in 1700 feet of water, we let that one go as it was only 1130 am and no point on putting that on the deck.

mi red

Marco Island Inshore

Florida Sportsman Member: snookerf150 I put in at bay view at 7am and ran out through the pass and headed north. Shut down and waited and within a few minutes there were pods of bait everywhere, one throw and I had bait for days.


Customizing Your Spinnerbait

Bent-wire spinnerbaits have been around since the 1950s, and today are available in countless sizes, colors and patterns. And, with the online availability ( and other sites) of components like skirts, trailers and blades, you have the ability to come up with baits bass have never seen: flashy blades of all sizes, shapes and color. Unlimited skirt colors and patterns. Trailers. Unusual heads and eyes.

seth casting

Presenting a Fly

You’re on the flats, hunting. You’ve spotted a fish, or perhaps a school. What you do in the next 60 seconds determines whether you taste the thrill of victory, or the agony of defeat.


Miami Jig Bite

Florida Sportsman member: angryangler Ray shrilled “it’s a warsaw!” already dreaming of how many different ways he would prepare and eat the fish, my kids will eat for days! High fives all around and the boat was rocking, group pics and all.


Giant Drum in the Northeast

Florida Sportsman member: Richardbloom All a sudden the fish started screaming but it was going up current not down. After a fairly short fight the beast showed itself and had me panicking. Biggest redfish I’ve ever seen and it was barely hooked. The second she came next to my boat I grabbed her by the gill plate and almost got pulled in trying to lift her.


Redfish Riot

Florida Sportsman Member: cbmdk86 These reds lost their minds when they saw that plug, I had one red of at least 45 inches come completely out of the water about a foot above the surface trying to dismantle my plug. It was epic action to say the least.

glades snook

Glades by Day, Bay by Night

Florida Sportsman member: lemaymiami At night locally the snook and small tarpon are hungry wherever you find them. We managed to jump tarpon on both fly and spinning gear at more than one spot the one night we went after them. We also released three small snook up to almost slot size that were hanging around dock lights on the same flies and lures.


Fishing for Juvenile Tarpon

Find a dark, stagnant pool or stream tucked way back in a mangrove swamp and there’s a good chance you’ll spot little silver fish rolling at the surface. Odds are they are tarpon, very small ones, only 1 to 3 feet long, and they are gulping air—a survival tactic that enables these fish to survive in habitats that repel most others.

Capt. Robert, was able to fight and release this tarpon, now 22 months after his spinal cord injury.

2014 Tighten the Drag Inshore Fishing Slam Charity Tournament

This event has been created by Tighten The Drag Foundation Inc, a Florida non profit, as a charity fundraiser in order to support funding for rehabilitation and adaptive sports programs for those who have suffered Spinal Cord Injuries.


Maxims for the Flats

Tips for more successful saltwater fly fishing. The old saw, “Ten percent of fishermen catch 90 percent of the fish” might go double for saltwater fly fishers, given the technical nature of fly fishing. Even more so for sight fishing the flats.

pr snook

Peace River Snook

Florida Sportsman member: Snookaddict91 Forum member Snookaddict91 got into some nice snook while fishing the peace river. Fishing the shorelines for these fish, it can be a blast pulling them out of the sticks on spinning tackle. Nice fish!


Venice Bottom Fishing

Florida Sportsman member: Blind Squirrell We fished sardines, squid, cut-bait and live pinfish on the bottom in 100″-110″ of water. We boxed our limit of red grouper, mixed in with big mangroves, some flag yellowtail, a few scamp, porgies, and lane snapper.


Puttin’ Them in the Air

Florida Sportsman member: E-type Forum member E-type got some killer Gopro video of some fun size tarpon. What’s better than a tarpon jump? A tarpon jump in slow motion!


Stealth, Fly Rods and Reluctant Redfish

Get out of the way and into the fish on the Indian River. I had known that there were schools of redfish on the shallow flats at the southern end of Mosquito Lagoon. Until now, however, I had been unable to catch more than one or two fish a day, no matter what I seemed to do. I was about ready to give up.