4x pea

Light Leader Peacock Bass

Florida Sportsman member: Beto_Matheus The powerful attack and subsequent run left no doubt it was the butterfly. With the light leader I had to work the fish and he gave two good runs taking all my fly line out. It then ran towards the only submerged branch in sight to my right where bushes blocked my way.


Hoo on the Troll

Florida Sportsman member: latitudeadjustment I put out a tuna spread in 150 feet or so and headed deeper, just wanting to nail a decent blackfin. Trolled some known spots for tuna but we did not get any hits, saw a nice jumping sail fish which was very cool but no takers on our rigs.


Shoreline Specks

Florida Sportsman member: Jiganomics Forum member Jiganomics got into a mess of specks, fishing from land. These fish were keyed into a bright colored “grapefruit” jig. Looks like a fish fry is in the near future.

wac red

Waccasassa Reds

Florida Sportsman Member: Redbonz About the time the tides were getting right the heat was kicking into gear. After a couple of decent Reds a storm started brewing up towards Cedar Key so it was time to cut it short.


Mangroves and More off of Miami

Florida Sportsman member: miami mutton We have been having a strong current most days, making fishing very hard to the unexperienced, in some trips it has defeated the ability to hook the fish that bite.


Mexico Bass Fishing: Lake El Salto

Lake El Salto is Mexico’s hottest Florida-strain bass factory. A glimmer of light silhouetted arid foothills as we motored through flooded timber and around a few small islands into the main arm of the big lake.


Pattern Your Bass

A basic knowledge of bass habits, combined with keen observation, can make for a very productive day. A spot gives an angler a general area to fish. A pattern tells the angler the specific depth and cover situations within that area where his casts need to go—and those areas that can be ignored.

ajs and grouper

Panhandle Reef Fishing

Florida Sportsman member: Capt. Mickey Locke We fished around 200 feet both days. The jacks wrecked us the first day but ended up with 3 nice fish and 18 groupers. The next day was a tough bite on the jacks for us but we ended up with 2 nice fish and limit of grouper.


How Many Fly Rods Do You Take?

It’s the age-old question that may have no exact answer—how many fly rods do you bring on the boat? Some…»


Hot Bite in the Bay

Florida Sportsman member: Tidesright We had to force my buddy John on the bow as he is always quick to jump on the poling platform. He got a shot and the line started to peel off the reel as the fish screamed across the flat. A couple tense moments later and Permit was in the boat!


Catching Mullet on Fly

Solving the jumping enigma with flies. When you think about it, the “game” in gamefish says a lot about a fish. It helps explain why one man’s grunting and sweating aboard a drifting sportfisherman seems so far removed from another’s grilled swordfish in a restaurant.

pi red

Fighting the Heat, Catching Fish

Florida Sportsman member: GatorInPISound They got fired up, eating both under and off of the bushes. When the sun went behind a cloud the fish came out very far off the shadow line, and when it was sunny they retreated to the sanctuary of the roots.

rig 6

Best Rigs for Bottom Fishing

When thinking of bottom fishing, most imagine a cooler full of fish and a hot meal on the table. What about the days you can’t convince a keeper to eat? Fishing with the right rig can make all the difference.

FWRI researcher measuring a largemouth bass collected during a routine electrofishing trip.

Working Over Time

The Fish and Wildlife Research Institute’s Freshwater Fisheries Research section began a Long-Term Monitoring Project for Florida’s lakes in 2006. Our primary objective is to track freshwater fisheries trends over time, using standardized methods that ensure the integrity of the data collected across the state.


Triple Trouble

Tripletail offer a curious challenge to the fly angler, and they are available around the state. Days and nights of stiff northeasterly winds had hampered our attempts to venture into the windblown Atlantic for more than a week. But now the long wait had ended with the arrival of calm winds and moderate ground swells.


Bass in the ‘Burbs

A streetwise fishing quest amid the sprawling city scape of Orlando. As a 12-year-old in ’62 Orlando, I mostly fished four nearby lakes. Equipped with the normal fascination with any tap transmitted from an artificial worm.