First CCA Star Tagged Redfish Caught!

Should a, would a, could a is something too many anglers said last summer during the CCA Florida STAR tournament. Don’t let that be you this summer.


Small Lake Bass

Within minutes we boated a fat 3-pound bass, and that was the start of a steady parade of fish. By the time an early afternoon thunderstorm ended our day, we had tallied over 20 bass. The best was pushing 7 pounds.

tourny phin

Tournament Winner

Florida Sportsman member: SmittysTeam We ran out Saturday morning and fished the 700-800 feet for awhile but nada. Decided to run further out and picked up a couple nice fish on the 52 line. Blind trolling and off a pallet. Fishing was real slow but managed to get first place overall.

3 (1)

Buckman Reds

Florida Sportsman member: REDROB
Went out after work yesterday to soak a few crabs, fishing the buckman in 20 feet of water, the bite was on fire! 9 reds all over 36 inches with the biggest being 42 and one 40 incher with a tag in her.

ponce phin

Ponce Offshore

Florida Sportsman member:chompchomp We found a decent rip in 450′ with decent weed and ended up catching 10. Several times we had to drop back five or six times to hook up, but every time we finally got the 30 plus pounders next to the boat, they had big friends tagging along.


A Red Morning

Florida Sportsman member: GatorInPISound At this point we were hoping the incoming tide would really trigger a bite but the only thing we conjured up was a small shark. We continued on for a bit and picked up a couple more reds including a tiny reddish looking shark and a 22 inch snook.

fiddler crab

Fiddler Crabs for Bait

Remember chasing fiddler crabs when you were a kid? Fiddlers are probably my all-around best bait, especially if kids are along. Catching the crabs can involve action, yelps of joy, lots of bending over, and a great lesson in biology. They’re also an irresistible bait for hungry fish.


Reel Time Florida Sportsman – Crystal in the Rough

Capt. George Gozdz finds a new and exciting way to target grouper in the Crystal River shallows.


Teenager Catches State Record Flathead Catfish

Charles Patchen (13) from Alabama caught a 63.8-pound flathead catfish on the Chattahoochee River in Jackson County at 2:30 p.m. on May 15. He beat the previous certified state record by more than eight pounds.


Sanibel Action

Florida Sportsman member: Tgrass The next fish was a big girl cruising up the beach and I watched it eat the fly. I was lucky to have two people from the UK walking the beach who were nice enough to take this picture. This fish was hook solid in the corner of the mouth, it measured 38 inches.


West Central Deep Dropping

Florida Sportsman Member:harbison 3:00 P.M. sixteen serious, dedicated, anglers are ready for a 63 hour ‘Deep Drop Florida Style’ trip deep into the very heart of our Gulf of Mexico.


Making it Happen

Florida Sportsman Member: KingCatch The wind was blowing from the west around 15 mph. I just got up on the leeward bank and started poling down the flat. I ended up catching a few redfish and scouting some area that eventually led me to a little tarpon hole, catching a little guy to end the day.


Tortugas Trip

Florida Sportsman member: Gary M Yuri would toss out some herring pieces to get the fish next to the boat. He was looking to see if any blackfins were in the schools of bonito and he had warned us, “You may have to catch 10 bonito in order to finally hook a blackfin so break off any bonito as soon as you can, re-tie and get a bait back in the water.”


Tarpon Tips

Florida Sportsman member: stpetebaitman I wanted to take a little time to help people understand what good etiquette means, as well as show you some of the fish that we have caught so far this year. Etiquette goes a long way and helps everyone catch more fish.


Frog Modifications

A big, protein-rich mouthful — that’s what frogs mean to bass. Anglers mimick this top-tier forage with topwater frogs that tempt fish hiding under mats or lurking in open water. Here’s a rundown of tips for maximizing your frog success.

jetty snook

Jetty Action

Florida Sportsman member: SLW UroCane I’ve been doing pretty good on pomps lately, limiting out three days this past two weeks at Fort Pierce jetty. Using a Doc’s Goofy jig tipped with shrimp, pink/pink, pink/white, pink/yellow.