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This tournament is a Florida-wide event for anglers to compete for bragging rights as the best Florida inshore fisherman!

The FISH4HOPE:HOPE4FISH 2021 Inshore Tourney, scheduled for May 1 – May 8, is a crucial fundraising event to support Catch the Wave of Hope, a 501c3 charitable organization that is fighting sex trafficking of children by building awareness, advocating on behalf of legislative changes, and providing mental and emotional restoration through clinical mental health therapy.

Members of our community have been shocked and saddened by the number of growing cases where children have been sexually trafficked in our neighborhoods. Their lives and their families’ lives have been destroyed by adult predators who want to take advantage of children (many who are pre-teen) while financially profiting from the emotional, mental, and sometimes physical captivity of these innocent kids. This must stop!

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Gary Oster, the tournament director for the event, pictured with a dockside snook.

This tournament is a Florida-wide event for anglers to compete for bragging rights as the best Florida inshore fisherman! There are not only awards but prize money as well.

The tournament will be limited to inshore, tidal salt, and brackish waters throughout Florida. It has an entry fee of $50 for all eight days and is open to any angler over 18. There will be five $250 cash prize categories for snook, redfish, seatrout, sheepshead, tarpon, and a grand slam prize of $500 for the best total length of a snook, redfish, and trout.

There will also be amazing random ‘daily prizes’ for registered anglers, and each day a fishing kid of the day for their submitted catch. The entire tournament will be operated ‘virtually’ using the amazing FishDonkey app on Google Play or Apple Store.

For those that can’t fish during any of the eight days of the tournament, there are also ways to support our effort through individual donations or corporate partnerships.

100% off all money collected during this tournament will go directly to Catch the Wave of Hope to support its many important efforts.

redfishing inshore florida

Gary Oster, pictured with a redfish here, is a board member for Catch the Wave of Hope. He is also a father and grandfather, a sport fisherman, and a community member who cares deeply about children’s mental health and vitality.

Hopefully, you will download the app and register immediately so that you can join anglers throughout Florida for one or all eight days of fishing from May 1 through May 8. We wish you tight lines and look forward to seeing your amazing fishing photos and appreciate your participation in the FISH4HOPE:HOPE4FISH-2021 Tournament.

For a full list of prizes, rules and regulations and more details, check out the website at Check out the events Facebook Page and Instagram account to share with friends.

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