Let’s take a closer look at the Crescent CK1 Venture Kayak in this review.

Ideal Application: A lightweight, 60-pound throw-and-go, nimble paddling platform, that is universally capable on almost all waters thanks to a proven and versatile hull design that also keeps you high and dry. With an overall capacity of 400 pounds, the CK1 Venture’s completely sealed hull can handle big loads and heavy users whenever needed. All this while offering the convenience of a low drag, easy-to-transport performance fishing rig that can handle everything from tournaments to deftly sliding down a grassy riverbank launch site.

crescent ck1 venture 2021

The CK1 Venture provides a completely customizable platform for every kind of paddler.

Overview: There is a lot to be said for lighter, more agile, easier to manage kayaks, but you typically have to sacrifice load carrying capacity, features, stability, tracking and general on-water performance to go the lightweight route. The just released 11-foot CK1 Venture with its 400-pound capacity defies these rules, with an extraordinary weight-to-load carrying ratio, while still delivering the responsive paddling experience the Crescent brand is known for.

crescent ck1 venture offshore kayaking

A more aggressive rocker profile keeps you above the water in rougher conditions offshore and on the river.

At a sweet spot between Crescent’s popular 10-foot UltraLite and their renowned 12-foot, 4-inch LiteTackle, the CK1 Venture’s hull tracking is enhanced via its full-length keel system. The 34-inch width provides solid initial stability, while outer hull sponsons ensure good secondary stability when leaning into a paddle stroke or netting a fish. A wide-open cockpit design allows easy stand-up fishing and the rigid cockpit floor is confidence-inspiring while leaning into a hookset.

crescent ck1 venture design and layout

The cockpit design on the CK1 Venture is intentionally open, providing ample legroom in an 11′ kayak.

The open front tankwell provides ample and accessible storage, while a water-resistant, tough 600 Denier cover with a paddle park keeps your gear nicely organized, including a zip-up pocket to keep your smaller items in order. Rod stagers and a paddle park help keep your essential tools at hand for fast action.

crescent ck1 venture paddle park

The CK1 Venture features a new removable 600 Denier SDP bow cover with a water-resistant zipper pocket and paddle park.

Adjustable foot braces ensure solid paddling energy return. The adjustable, powder-coated frame seat is comfortable, quick drying and can easily be removed for use as a shore chair. Dual bungee holders can accommodate paddles or stake-out poles. Two padded cup holders and two larger drink holders, all with bungee retainers, complement both sides of the chair, as do handy, self-draining gear trays for catching lures and other necessities.

crescent ck1 venture gear tracks

Two gear tracks along the cockpit offer close and convenient mounting options for gear.

YakAttack gear tracks, rear MightyMounts and stash trays make this a fully customizable vessel. The large rear tankwell can accommodate most popular 20-liter coolers or tackle crates with a fully adjustable bungee system. The square stern can accommodate electric motor mounts or a Power Pole transom mount. For electronics and battery storage on this watertight hull, a YakAttack CellBlok offers an ideal solution.

crescent ck1 venture kayak specs

From camping and fishing to spending time in nature with your family, the CK1 is ready for your next venture.

Notable: This rig is equipped with everything you need to start kayak fishing, launchable anywhere, with hull performance that belies its 11-foot length. Versatile enough for serious fishing on all types of water, with enough capacity for all your gear and larger paddlers. The CK1 Venture will also make a great family vessel that everyone can feel capable and sure in, a true value at $899. Order it with the optional deck pad kit and seat riser and you won’t be sorry. —Mike Carney

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Crescent CK1 Venture

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