Let’s take a closer look at the Blue Wave 2800 Makaira in this boat review.

blue wave 2800 makaria

An offshore upgrade on a hybird classic design.

The Makaira from Blue Wave has really caught on as an offshore leaning version of their original 2800 Pure Hybrid design. The changes that Blue Wave has implemented may seem small at first glance, but when you dig deeper, you’ll see they are well thought out and purposeful.

Beginning with the deck design, the Makaira layout opens up the space under your feet in the bow by removing the forward casting platform and opening up a footpath to the anchor locker that leaves your feet firmly planted on the deck while fishing offshore.

Blue Wave has devoted enough space in the bow to incorporate forward seating for added comfort. This is an item that the family will appreciate that in no way interferes with your ability to work a fish around the bow if necessary.

The Makaira also features great lockable storage for rods and gaffs under the gunwales forward which are made possible by flaring the covering boards inward, widening the gunwale just enough to create space for these lockers on both sides of the bow.

Another design change is new pipe work that allows more space around the console. Flattening the tubing and adding a three-sided glass enclosure are also new looks for 2021 to improve the helm experience on windy or rainy days heading offshore.

The cockpit is also opened up more for fishing a more traditional trolling spread where most of your action is taking place behind the boat. The space across the transom remains wide enough to accommodate a flip up bench seat across the center which is flanked on the outboard corners by a pair of 28-gallon live wells. These wells can both be joined by a larger 50-gallon well located in the rear of the helm station.

The Makaira is available in multiple engine configurations both single or twin power from 300 horsepower to 600 horsepower. Something that has always impressed me about this hull is its efficiency. The 2800 rigged with a single 300 offers 3.63 MPG at cruising speed which is very economical for a boat this size with outboard power

Blue Wave Makaira 2800

    Length: 27’-10”
    Beam: 9’-2”
    Draft: 17”
    Deadrise: 18 degree (48 degree entry)
    Weight: 3650
    Max HP: 600
    Fuel: 135
    Base price: 147,800 w/ 2-200 Suzuki


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