February 19 – 21

Amberjack are possible on many of the larger offshore wrecks outside of the 180-foot depths throughout the region. Live baitfish and vertical jigs are working to get these fish to bite. There are still a huge number of red snapper that you will have to deal with on many of these structures, so try to keep your baits above the snapper and in the mid water column where the jacks are usually suspended. Sandbar sharks have been out of control on these wrecks as well so plan on losing a few to the tax man. Scattered sailfish and blackfin tuna, sailfish, and small dolphin are possible targets for anglers trolling skirted or naked ballyhoo. You will need to run to the blue water edge before laying lines though.

Sheepshead and black drum are possible around the nearshore reefs and at the inlet jetties this weekend. Cut clam, crab, and shrimp should all work on these fish. Farther south in the lagoon, look for slot sized redfish, black drum, and trout along drop-offs and depressions in the flats. Live shrimp is best for these fish but they will hit small bucktail or plastic tailed jigs as well.

Spanish mackerel and bluefish are showing up in better numbers this week. Look for these fish around the mouth of the Port and buoys marking the shipping channel. Tripletail are showing up here as well. Redfish, black drum, and speckled trout are scattered around the Indian and Banana Rivers this week. Most of these fish are holding near some form of hard structure like docks, rocky areas, and mangroves covered shorelines. Saltwater Assassin 3-inch straight tailed shad in the baby bass or pearl white colors are working very well for the trout and reds. The black drum prefer fresh cut shrimp on a circle hook.

Spanish mackerel and jacks are showing up here in decent numbers again this week. Small jigs and spoons are best for getting these fish to strike. Snook and redfish catches have been better at night over the past few days, but anglers are finding a few willing participants when targeting them with live pinfish, majorra and croakers. Speckled trout and small snook are possible along the mangrove covered shorelines. Some of the better places to try are from the Black Point to Wabasso to the south of the inlet, and from Long Point to Sang Harbor to the north of the inlet.

Until next week… catch a memory!!

Captain Jim Ross / www.FinelineFishingCharters.com / (321) 636-3728 / captjimross@cfl.rr.com

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