Let’s take a closer look at the Ankona Caicos 16 in this boat review.

A lightweight carbon/Kevlar layup schedule and resin infusion process enables the Caicos 16 to run efficiently with a mere 40-HP.

Brand new for 2021- and a venture into the next level in quality construction for this brand is the latest offering from Ankona Boats- the Caicos 16. This is the first offering from Ankona that is entirely vacuum bagged and resin infused- a process widely incorporated into the construction of only the best boats available today.

This is a key step in the process for producing the most consistent resin to fabric ratio when you lay up a boat hull or a part. The resulting effect is the strongest bonding and a layup absent of voids along with consistent strength and lighter weights.

Ankona uses the lightest and strongest materials in their laminates including various combinations of Glass, Carbon, and Kevlar cloths in appropriate proportions to provide the best combination of strength to weight in every part of the build.

The Caicos 16 is a true technical poling skiff in every sense of the word designed to float in 5 inches of water with two people aboard- one poling from the tower and an angler casting from the bow. At 350 pounds she will get you into honest single digit depths with ease without the need to exit the boat to push yourself over the bar.

For a skiff measuring 16-feet 7-inches by 66-inches wide she offers impressive stability and features a slight 3-degree deadrise at the transom transitioning into a 12-degree bottom at the point of the forward bulkhead to smooth the ride.

The Caicos is rated for up to 30-HP in a tiller package or 40-HP for a remote steering option which is plenty of power to get you on plane quickly and to the spot early while sipping fuel along the way. The Caicos 16 is a true cutting edge technical skiff that you can build new for under 20 thousand dollars which is a value price in 2021.

Ankona Caicos 16

    Length: 16-7
    Beam: 5-6
    Draft: 5”
    Deadrise: 3 degree (transom) 12 degree @forward bulkhead
    Weight: 350
    Max HP: 30 tiller 40 remote
    Fuel: 12
    Base price: 18,295


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