Yo-Zuri 3D Inshore TopKnock Pencil™ – Floating R1369 series

Yo-Zuri TopKnock Pencil

The single rattle is located in the tail, gives off a very loud knock, and also allows the TopKnock to fly tail first cutting through the wind for extreme casting distance when needed.

A top-of-the-line, topwater, “walk the dog” lure should always be in your fish catching line-up. The new 5-inch, 1-ounce Yo-Zuri TopKnock Pencil features the patented 3D Internal Prism that reflects light in all directions.

The large single internal cadence rattle gives this lure exceptional fish attracting sound during the side-to-side walking action, plus the ability to cast very long distances even into a strong wind. This bait is popular for fishermen targeting a variety inshore saltwater species including seatrout, snook, redfish and striped bass. With 3X strength treble hooks and split rings, the TopKnock Pencil has the hardware to get big fish to the boat. Put it all together and you have a high-quality saltwater Japanese hard bait at an extraordinary price point.

Published Florida Sportsman Magazine December/January 2021

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