FWC issues executive order temporarily prohibiting the possession and take of largemouth bass on certain fish management areas

Grace Albergo of Tampa with a lunker bass caught in a Florida lake.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) issued a temporary executive order on Jan. 11 that states the take or possession of largemouth bass from the following waterbodies is currently prohibited and is catch-and-release only until Feb. 12.

The FWC stocks urban ponds at partner sites around Florida with largemouth bass as part of a community-based fishing program. The initiative provides greater fishing access to Florida’s world class bass fishery. The stocking program is a conservation initiative that creates and helps sustain quality fishing opportunities.

In order to comply with an FDA 21-day post stocking consumption prohibition on these hatchery reared, recently stocked largemouth bass, the FWC issued a temporary executive order effective Jan. 11, prohibiting the possession and take of largemouth bass on these recently stocked fish management areas. The prohibition against take and possession allows for catch-and-release-only fishing and incorporates those 21 days.

Those waterbodies are:

  • Lake Okeeheelee – Palm Beach County
  • Tropical Park – Miami-Dade County
  • Bear Creek Pond – Orange County

If you have questions about the executive order, contact Ryan Hamm at Ryan.Hamm@MyFWC.com or 904-424-4838.

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