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The stealth of a paddle board may let you hook one fish and get another shot before they know it!

Originating from the surfing scene in Hawaii, paddle boards have become a popular way to enjoy the water in the past ten years. Anglers didn’t sleep on this trend, realizing that these are great platforms to be outfitted for fishing. Some folks may still be on the fence about giving paddle board fishing a try, if you are one of those people, check out a few perks of fishing a paddle board below!


Paddle crafts in general are about the quietest vessels on the water. Today’s fishing specific paddle boards opt for a sharper keel entry that make cutting through the water easy and as quiet as they come. With a draft of mere inches, it’s easy to get within feet of fish. Smooth, quiet strokes of the paddle, and a paddle/rod clip on my belt loop allow me to get within casting distance, grab my rod, clip the paddle and make my cast, without the fish knowing I’m there. Plus, there’s always that “one spot” you see on Google Maps, and would love to fish it, but you can’t get a boat to it, with a paddle board you can.


There is beauty to be found in simplicity. Don’t get me wrong, I love fishing on the boat, with the latest gadgets at my disposal. But there is something to be said about grabbing one rod, a pocket full of lures, your paddle board and hitting the water. That few hour morning trip is easy with a board, and after, a quick rinse down and it’s ready to be stored, so you can make it to that family breakfast!

Author with a largemouth bass, caught in an area where boats could not make it to.


Paddle board fishing is one of those great things that incorporates exercise into it, and you don’t even notice it while fishing. You may be a bit sore the next day, but that just means you got a good workout. Paddling works out more than just your arms, as many think. A paddle stroke is using the muscles in your mid-back, shoulders, arms (biceps and triceps) and abs.

Line of Sight

Sight fishing from a paddle board is a much easier task than other paddle crafts. Standing gives you the line of sight needed for spotting fish out in the distance. Most boards have areas to tie down a cooler, which works two fold, as a seat for those times when want to sit and a cooler/dry storage. Don’t forget your glasses at home, as these are a crucial piece to the sight fishing puzzle.


A paddle board is much easier to travel with than towing a skiff. A bed of a truck or racks on top of a car or SUV can easily handle a board, if not two. Companies have made it even easier though. Inflatable paddle boards such as the Bote Rackham Inflatable can be stowed in a trunk of a car, or even brought onto a plane for those faraway trips to the islands. Pump it up and go fishing!

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