Scientists are about to begin a stock assessment for gag grouper. The Council would like to know what you’re seeing on the water so your observations can be incorporated into the future science and management of the stock.

gag grouper fishing

St. Petersburg’s Capt. Brian Morgan, of Captain Morgan’s Fishing Adventures with a hefty gag grouper.

The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council would like to gain a better understanding of gag grouper in the Gulf of Mexico. It is seeking information from anglers and divers about what they have observed, including any “strange things” that scientists and managers may need to know. Scientists are currently working on a stock assessment of gag, and your recent observations can help them and fishery managers better understand the Gulf of Mexico gag stock.

Please visit the Council’s “Something’s Fishy with Gag” tool before Jan. 10, 2021, to report anything you’ve noticed about gag in the Gulf of Mexico.
Contact with questions.

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