Happy Thanksgiving to our amazing Florida Sportsman family.

After a rough 2020, we’ve all got a lot to still be thankful for. We are putting our health first. We have each other. We have fishing. Whatever you have to be thankful for, make sure to keep that in mind today, even if your Thanksgiving is not going to be a traditional one.

Me personally, I’ll be meeting up with family I haven’t seen since Christmas. I’ll be wearing my mask. We’ll be sitting at different tables out under the Florida sun, enjoying some fresh air and family cooking. However you’re celebrating, be sure to do it smart. Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving, from the FS Fam.

Tangy Floridian Take on Thanksgiving Turkey

Tangy Floridian Take on Thanksgiving Turkey

A delicious twist on a Thanksgiving tradition that's full of flavor, with a Florida citrus tang: the Wild Turkey with Florida Citrus Brine Recipe...
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