Homosassa to Steinhatchee
Includes Homosassa, Crystal River, Yankeetown, Waccasassa Bay, Cedar Key, Suwannee, Horseshoe Beach, Steinhatchee and Keaton Beach

November 27 – 29

We’re on the last leg of snook season. It will close at the end of the month at midnight. Snook are in transition and they may be on the outside keys all the way up the river to the springs. If we have a significant cold front then focus on the rivers, but if we continue to stay on the warm side then fish near the river mouths and outside keys. Another angling option is to night fish around lighted docks. Snook are attracted to dock lights because they attract bait fish. The best way to present a lure to the light on a dock is to cast the lure just outside of the lights ring that it makes on the water. This is the strike zone because a lure cast into the light will spook the fish. Another good cast is to skip it under the dock as far as possible. A skipping lure under a dock will look like a fleeing baitfish or shrimp. Be sure to up your leader to at least 30 pounds to pull a big fish out of the dock. One of my favorite nighttime snook baits is the D.O.A. 3″ glow shrimp.

The trout bite on the flats has been good in the three to four foot depth. The gag grouper bite has been good at around 10 to 12 feet and there is a good mangrove snapper bite in our rivers. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and a good time spent with friends and family.

Capt. William Toney | (352) 422-4141 | captwilliamtoney@bontheweb.net | www.homosassainshorefishing.com

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