Join us in celebrating Veterans Day and learn more about NOAA’s vet corps partnerships employing veterans in the habitat restoration economy.

veterans day conservation 2020

Veteran Dustin Casey taking gps on Manzana.

This Veterans Day, join us in honoring military veterans who have served in the United States Armed Forces and learn how NOAA and our partners work with veterans to build a community of habitat restoration practitioners across the nation. Our conservation and veteran corps community is made up of veterans, young adults, and others. These partnerships recruit, train, mentor, and employ workers to implement habitat restoration projects in support of long-term coastal restoration.

NOAA Veterans Corps: Progress By The Numbers

veterans day conservation 2020

Among the many activities veterans corps participants experience is snorkeling to monitor habitat restoration projects.

NOAA Fisheries Veterans Corps Turned My Life Around

veterans day conservation 2020

Ryan Shorrow plans to pursue a career in fisheries. Credit: NOAA Fisheries Veterans Corps.

These Veterans Have a Mission: This Time, it’s Fighting for Coral

veterans day conservation 2020

Members of the GulfCorps create a living shoreline that will be come a home to oysters and other water creatures in Mississippi.

Engaging Veterans and Conservation Corps to Restore Fisheries and Habitats

veterans day conservation 2020

Corps programs contribute to natural resource jobs and workforce development while restoring coastal habitat to support healthy fisheries, fishing communities, and trust resources.

Video: Veterans Work to Restore Salmon Habitat

    Veterans work to restore salmon habitat in California’s Eel River Watershed.

From The Air Force to Fisheries, a Former NOAA Veteran Intern’s Career Path in Science

veterans day conservation 2020

Former NOAA veteran intern Barney Boyer (left) out in the field with water quality testing equipment. Image: Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy

Mission Abalone: Veterans Build SAFE Environments for Endangered White Abalone

veterans day conservation 2020

An abalone short-term abalone fixed enclosure (SAFE) being deployed into kelp forest habitat.

First Published by NOAA Fisheries on November 09, 2020

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