Mustad Triangle hooks use 3-way optimized forging, making these hooks stronger than conventional wire.

Triangle circle hook

Moving up the hook, the super rigid triangular shank transitions seamlessly into perfectly tapered round wire and terminates in high strength welded rings for maximum knot security.

Going for yellowfins, tarpon or other keen-eyed tackle-busters? Check these new hooks from Mustad. In addition to stealthy, low-shine finishes, the Triangle Concept hooks make use of the strongest shape in nature. The wire is shaped using a proprietary three-way forging process; 20-percent stronger than traditional wire, the company says.

Currently offered to 10/0 sizes in Ultra Point circle hook (39950TNP) and 4X Hoodlum J-style with Triangle Point (10814TTP) and a catfish style (412TTP).

Published Florida Sportsman Magazine October 2018

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