October 16-18

Deerfield Beach to Key Largo & Flamingo to Cape Sable

NOAA Weather is forecasting winds to be out of the northeast at 10 to 15 knots late Friday before increasing to 15 to 10 knots on Saturday and 20 knots on Sunday with gusts to 25 knots. South Florida will see big high tides this weekend while under a new moon condition.

Pompano Beach, Port Everglades, Haulover, Government Cut to Ocean Reef

Jetty and pier fishermen have seen an increase in the action during the daytime hours. As schools of baitfish migrate south along our Oceanside beaches for the winter , bluefish, Spanish mackerel, cero mackerel, jack crevalles, pompano, snook, tarpon, barracudas, sharks and ladyfish waste no time rushing into the baitfish schools for a quick meal. Match the hatch and you should have no trouble keeping your fishing rods bent. Use shiny lures and live baitfish for most of the fish species and crabs and jigs for the others. The offshore fleet have been having decent action from kingfish in the three to 10-pound range, bonitos, blackfin tuna and a few sailfish. Live baitfish have been the top producers lately and there has been a lot of baitfish around. Dolphin fish have been biting in the blue water but before you can catch one you need to find some floating debris or diving birds. Weedlines were scattered and scarce but anything floating on the surface that was large enough to attract some baitfish was holding dolphins, tripletail, lots of almoco jacks and small wahoo. During the day over wrecks and hard bottom in depths from 100 to 300 feet of water, were holding lots of mutton snappers (most under the 18” minimum size) plus bluerunners, amberjacks, vermillion snappers, yelloweye snappers, and lesser amberjacks Live pilchards did not last long when dropped to the bottom. At night over the natural reefs, plenty of snappers, toros, and jacks were being caught on cut bait. High tide at Government Cut Friday night will be at 9:06.

North Biscayne Bay

Large schools of baitfish that are sliding through the bay are attracting Spanish mackerel, bluefish, bluerunners, and jack crevalles. Some of the jacks have been over 10 pounds. When the baitfish schools move along a sea wall, rocky shoreline, or mangrove shoreline snook, barracudas and jack crevalles go into a feeding frenzy. You can troll Rapala X Raps around the baitfish schools in the open waters and cast Savage Gear Mud Minnow at the feeding fish along the seawalls, shorelines, and mangroves. High tide at Indian Creek Golf Club Saturday morning is at 10:53 AM

South Biscayne Bay

Bonefishing has been exceptionally good over the shallow flats in South Biscayne Bay. However, with breezy conditions that fare forecasted for this weekend might make that fishery a bit challenging. What might be a good idea is to target the channels south of Cape Florida with live shrimp or pilchards fished near the bottom. Doing this could result in steady action from mutton and mangrove snappers, jack crevalles, porgies, bluefish, Spanish mackerel, groupers, and jacks. Keep in mind that if you are in Biscayne National Park then you must abide by the Park’s fishing regulations that are different then state fishing regulations. Go to https://myfwc.com/fishing/saltwater/recreational/bnp/ for the new fishing regulations for the park. High tide at Soldier Key on Saturday will be at 10:10 in the morning.


A late morning low tide and a northeasterly wind could result in some outstanding fishing in the Snake Bight area. Fish the runoffs and edges of the channels with live pinfish hooked to a ¼ ounce Hookup lure jig head or bounce a Hookup lure jig head tipped with a Gulp soft plastic shrimp or baitfish tail off the bottom for redfish, snook, tarpon, and sea trout. A live shrimp or pinfish fished from under a Cajun Thunder float will also work in this area. A Mustad Ultra Point #4 Big Gun short shank hook makes for a great hook for this presentation. Once the tide rises enough for you to get close to the shorelines north of East Cape Canal, you can work the shorelines for snook, redfish, tarpon and sea trout using the same techniques as you did before. On the outside shorelines from Sable Creek to Lostman’s River expect similar fishing. The waters in Whitewater and Oyster Bays continue to produce action from snook, redfish, sea trout and tarpon. Work the island shorelines and island points that have a good tidal flow. Low tide at Flamingo in Florida Bay on Saturday will be at 11:46 AM and at the mouth of Shark River low tide is at 9 AM.






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