Fernandina Beach to Flagler Beach
Includes Jacksonville and St. Augustine

August 7-9


Things have slowed down for kingfish this past week. It maybe just a hiccup from lasts weeks hurricane or the full moon we have had, but the good news is three days after a full moon fish usually bite strong.
Offshore wrecks are giving up lots of huge catch and release red snapper along with plenty sharks. Near the inlets folks are seeing heightened tarpon activity, especially on incoming tides.


Three days after a full moon starts this weekend, which should get fish in a feeding mood. Flounder is always a favorite stacking up near inlets feeding on finger mullet. You can use finger mullet caught by using a cast net or buy mud minnows if available at local bait shops. Drag live bait on a jighead or Carolina rig around pilings , rocks and sand bar drop offs. Top water bites are always a favorite and would be a good idea early and late in the day for both trout and redfish. As that un makes things hot, try sub-surface lures especially around cover for both of those species mentioned.

There are some bull redfish starting to run in the deeper drop offs of the river. Blue crab, cut mullet or live croakers are great baits for bull redfish. Remember to take extra care in releasing those protected species and vent if needed to make sure they live to breed and fight again.

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