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exotic lionfish spearfishing

Photo credit: Keith Mille

The Lionfish Challenge has been extended. Participants will now have until Nov. 1 to submit their lionfish.

Numbers Update

As of this week:

  • 558 people have registered.
  • 113 people have submitted lionfish (105 recreational, 8 commercial).
  • 4,718 lionfish submitted.
  • 46 checkpoints for recreational participant submissions.

Recent Mini-Challenge Winners

First 25 Qualifying Participant Raffle

    YETI Panga Dry Backpack
    Chris Campbell
    Sarah Peirce
    Michael Curry

The Largest Lionfish

    Shearwater Perdix Dive Computer
    Josh Livingston – 408 mm lionfish!

Recent Raffle Winners

July 22

    Reef Ranger’s customized FWC Lionfish long-sleeve Dry Fit shirt and 36-ounce Yeti Rambler bottle
    Clint Retherford
    Mark Eglington
    Trey Lockey
    Daniel Fico

Upcoming Raffle Drawings

    Aug. 5 – four winners
    Aug. 19 – two winners
    Sept. 2 – two winners
    Sept. 16 – two winners
    Sept. 30 – two winners
    Oct. 14 – four winners
    Oct. 28 – four winners
    All qualified participants (submission of 20 lionfish or 20 pounds for commercial) will be entered into drawing.


The Lionfish Challenge rewards lionfish harvesters with prizes for their lionfish removals. The participants who harvest the most lionfish will be crowned the Recreational Lionfish King/Queen and the Commercial Champion. The Challenge also has a tiered prize system that allows everyone to be rewarded for their removals. The more removals, the more prizes you win. A new component this year will be monthly Mini-Challenges. The winners will be announced each month and rewarded with substantial prizes.

Sign up and learn more today by visiting MyFWC.com/Lionfish.


Support Florida lionfish control programs by purchasing our new Rep Your Water lionfish hats at Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida.


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