Karl discusses the beauty of the Florida Master Naturalist Program where you can learn all about Florida’s plants, animals, freshwater wetlands, coastal systems, and wooded ecosystems. We take a trip back in time, where FS Founder, Karl Wickstrom, invites us to participate in a ‘Conservation Minute’ and gives us a quick rundown on topics that he is passionate about.

In these stressful times, we are seeing a surge in horticultural interest among Floridians, possibly as a form of relaxation or distraction. What ever reason for the recent curiosity, working knowledge of your environment and its potential uses and dangers can be beneficial for everyone. Imagine being able to identify every edible plant on your local exercising trail. Or being able to tell the difference between native ivy plants and one that might make you a very itchy and very unhappy camper. Learn unique distinguishing traits to help you identify each fish you may find at the end of your rod. If exploring Florida’s vast opportunities and intricacies piques your interest, the Florida Master Naturalist Program might be for you. Read more about the Florida Master Naturalist Program: https://bit.ly/2O6TI1q

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