The Stuart Boatworks 23-foot model stands apart from many other boats in her class for various reasons but perhaps chief among them is her style and unique ride. This boat upon first glance might remind you of other boats you recall from your past. Combine part old world classic lines of a classic Bahamian skiff and part south Florida custom boat shop finish work while adding a touch of down east sea kindliness and you’re in the ballpark.

The Stuart 23 features the partly rounded bottom of a lobster boat that transitions into a traditional planning hull to provide an extremely soft ride while also allowing the boat to transition smoothly from displacement attitude to planning without any bow lift. This feature makes it possible for the boat to run efficiently at lower speeds even with one engine in a twin engine package.

The hull lay-up utilizes state of the art resin infusion construction methods and bonds the hull sides completely from the rub rail to the chine for a solid zero flex ride. A small keel ensures positive directional tracking stability both underway and while drifting. Each model is completely customizable to your specs and can be rigged in a multitude of configurations based on each owner’s individual needs. From seating arrangements to fishing features the boat is built specifically for you. Among the many variables to consider adding are for the angler; up to two live wells, up to three massive insulated fish boxes, electric reel power points, multiple rod holders and outriggers in either aluminum or carbon fiber. Add a SeaKeeper gyrostabilizer, SeaDek or teak decking, joystick controls, and single or dual station hard top and a host of electronics combinations.

This boat is a great mixture of esthetics and functionality wrapped up in a manageable sized package that runs smoothly and efficiently with a single engine and looks like pure class while doing it. If the process of designing and building your own custom center console is within your means and you plan to pull the trigger, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not meeting this boat in person before you jump into a build.


Length: 23 feet 3 inches

Beam: 8 feet 6 inches

Max HP: 350

Draft: 14 inches (Hull)

Deadrise: 17-degrees

Dry weight: 3650 pounds

Fuel: 100-Gallons

Base Price: $99,480 with F300 Yamaha

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