Deerfield Beach to Key Largo & Flamingo to Cape Sable

May 29-31

Deerfield Beach to Key Largo & Flamingo to Cape Sable

NOAA Weather is forecasting winds to be out of the east southeast at 10 to 15 knots throughout the weekend. The hot freshwater bass fishing in the Glades is probably done for the year with the tremendous amounts of rain that we have recently had.

Pompano Beach, Port Everglades, Haulover, Government Cut to Ocean Reef

Snook fishing in the ocean inlets, along the Oceanside jetties and in the trough next to the piers is producing slot size snook. The snook have been eating large shrimp, live pinfish and live threadfin herring and silver mullets. In the inlets get your baits deep, along the jetties mid water is best and off the piers the fish are feeding on the bottom. The best action has taken place at the end pf the outgoing tides. Mixed in with the sook have been tarpon, large jack crevalles and barracudas. A Mustad Demon Perfect circle hook attached to your live bait will help you get a firm corner of the mouth hookup. The offshore fleet has been catching kingfish to 20 pounds, lots of blackfin tuna to 25 pounds, sailfish and a few dolphin fish and wahoo. The best action has been over artificial wrecks in 100 to 240 feet of water. Live baits fished from under a kite has produced some of the best catches but drifting fresh ballyhoo with a little weight is also getting many strikes. The vertical jiggers are doing well on most of these fish. Over wrecks and deeper ledges bottom fishermen are catching large mutton snappers, gag and black groupers plus some big amberjacks. Live pinfish, live ballyhoo and live threadfin herring are the preferred baits for these fish. Get the baits to the bottom and reel till you stretch your long ,leaders out and then wait for the hits. Nighttime bottom fishing was great for yellowtail snappers and then the violent weather hit. Now with nice conditions returning the bottom fishing will be getting red hot. Low tide at Government Cut Friday night will be at 8:31.

North Biscayne Bay

Stormy conditions messed up the bay. High winds made the bay rough and dirty and the large amounts of rain that we had decreased the salinity levels on the west side of the bay. Bull and blacktip sharks will be patrolling the canals and flats on the west side of the bay as they search out stunned bait from the high freshwater levels. Snook, sea trout, jacks and snappers will be concentrated more on the east side of the bay where the water will be saltier. A Hookup lure jig head tipped with a soft plastic baitfish tail bounced off the bottom will help you locate where the fish are holding. The docks and bridge shadow lines were producing decent catches of small tarpon and snook and that action should return this weekend. Low tide at Indian Creek Golf Club Saturday morning is at 10:57 AM

South Biscayne Bay

With the weather improving for this weekend I expect the bonefish and permit fishing to be exceptionally good off the Oceanside flats. A late morning incoming tide should have the permits and bonefish actively feeding along the flats from Soldiers Key south to Ocean Reef. Large live shrimp and silver dollar blue crabs is a must for the fishery. The Finger Channels will have lots of small mangrove snappers, mostly undersize mutton snappers and groupers for some hot catch and release rod bending fishing. Expect to catch several tasty yellow jacks and some jack crevalles and bluerunners. Live pilchards and shrimp and cut fresh baits fished near the bottom normally will get the fish. Low tide at Soldier Key on Saturday will be at 10:27 in the morning.


High water over most of Florida Bay in the morning will allow many anglers to fish up onto some of the Florida Bay flats. This is where some particularly good redfish action has been taking place. Mixed in with the redfish have been snook, sea trout and jack crevalles. A soft plastic rigged weedless has been deadly on these fish. Along the coast especially where trees have been blown down you can target snook, redfish and sea trout. Live baits fished from under a Cajun Thunder float is deadly in these areas. Look for free floating tripletail as you run from one spot to the next. In the creeks, rivers and open waters of Oyster Bay and Whitewater Bays large tarpon have been actively feeding on the change of tides. Soft plastics and live baits are getting the tarpon strikes. High tide at Flamingo in Florida Bay on Saturday will be at 10:54 AM and at the mouth of Shark River high tide is at 9:10 AM.








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