Even though we’ve wrapped up on Boating Safety Week, here’s a reminder of how beneficial practicing courtesy on the water can be.

Normally, this scenario might erupt a red-faced yelling match to see who has the most colorful vocabulary in defense of their turf. Please remember to be respectful. Most of us are desperate for some solace, which is why our waters are so packed with boaters in these times.

Excerpt taken from a Facebook post sent to us:

    “We all have stories of idiots that pull up to us while diving with no cares to safety or what we are doing, but this one is different. While we were gearing up, this boat pulled up to us and politely asked if they could fish in our vicinity, knowing we were diving. They made a long trip with their kids to fish for amberjack. We said if they kept their distance we wouldn’t mind and they were very respectful. While taking pics of the boys, I noticed this young girl fighting an AJ so I quickly swam to their boat to get pictures.”

    “Turns out this was her very first amberjack and they considered these once in a lifetime pics. For our hospitality, we’ve been offered a dive trip on their larger boat in the future. Be courteous out there everyone, it goes a long way. We are; after all, out there for the same thing. Enjoying time on the water with friends and family and hoping for some nice fish to bring home. –Brian Kelly

As we approach a potentially record-breaking number of boats in our waterways this Memorial Day, keep your head on a swivel and your respect for your fellow angler at the forefront of your mind.

Have a safe Memorial Day and remember why you are able to get out and do what you love. Remember those who gave their lives, so you could be safe and enjoy yours.

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