Release those prized flats catches with respect

It’s getting to be that time of year again to fish for migratory tarpon along the Florida peninsula. Also, the bonefish action should be improving in South Florida. Permit, too, are on the march. All three of these are exceptionally hard-fighting fish are prone to particular kinds of handling risks at the end of the battle. Two of them, tarpon and bonefish, are entirely catch-and-release in Florida waters. Permit, as well, are fully protected April through July in South Florida’s Special Permit Zone.

To help anglers understand the best ways to handle these prized fish to avoid injuring them or running afoul of the law, Bonefish Tarpon Trust (BTT) offers scientifically tested guidelines on fighting and release practices. A must-read for the flats and inshore angler this month.

A video on proper catch and release handling practices BTT made in the Bahamas:

Bonefish catch and release tips: click here

Tarpon catch and release tips: click here

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