Ashley Fitzsimons, 8, looks proud as a peacock with her recent catch on a Boca Raton backyard lake. One of five that afternoon!

Parents are juggling work-at-home routines. Strategizing grocery runs. Managing budgets. Obsessing over toilet paper, PPE, projections, paperwork, politics.

Kids? Yeah, there’s online schoolwork—but also independent studies… as in, what fish to catch today!

Clearly, fishing at home has been a big thing, all around the Sunshine State. With spectacular spring weather, Florida youngsters have been casing backyard lakes, canals and nearby waters.

Judging from the photos Florida Sportsman has been seeing, young anglers–and their adult chaperones–are doing a great job of social distancing, sticking with family. Also obvious they’re getting up close and personal with fish!

Here’s a little gallery for you to enjoy.

Now get back to mathematics, social studies and language arts, children. Recess is over; the bell on your laptop is ringing.

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