Storm 360GT Searchbait in 2½-inch size

A small boot-tail swimbait is boot-tail swimbait is a good addition to the box on cool winter days. Storm pairs the new 360GT 2 ½-inch bait with the 3⁄32-ounce rattling jighead and No. 2 VMC hook. Cast, reel, and reap the rewards, wherever shiners or other small baits are on the menu. Eleven color patterns available.

  • Rattling, weighted, life-like jig head
  • Toe-in boot tail design
  • Exclusive VMC® Coastal Black™
  • Upscale designs, finishes and exclusive 3D holographic eyes
  • Easy-to-rig with entrance and exit holes indicated on lure body
  • Phthalate-free body
  • Contemporary, environmentally responsible trap-clam package

As a searchbait, it allows you to cover more water, uncovering more fish. Once you locate fish, there’s no need to switch your presentation. The 360GT Searchbait® has a natural swimming action fish can’t refuse. Fishing it couldn’t be easier, simply cast it out and reel it in with a steady retrieve. Exclusive VMC® Coastal Black™ hook has extended “leg” on line tie to further enhance action. 60° angle keeps lure swimming in the perfect position. Hang on tight and be ready for action.

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