The new 2800 Makaira from Blue Wave signals an expansion beyond the Bay/Hybrid user model this company has been so successful with into the pure blue water arena. Built on the 2800 Pure Hybrid breakout hull design, a deck layout more amenable to the demands of offshore anglers promises to be as sought after as her predecessor.

The open cockpit style deck forward found on the 2800 Makaira provides anglers and crew a more secure work space and confident foothold when the weather gets rough. Forward seating has been incorporated into the design for non-fishing duty and a removable filler deck can be inserted into the void between the seats allowing a raised casting deck platform if desired. The deck also serves as a dining table in the upper position. Additional seating forward is available in two configurations; a forward console/cooler bench seat which opens the deck up nicely creating access to a pair of below deck storage/fish boxes, or an optional Frigid Rigid coffin box/lounge seat built specifically for this model can be added serving as a useful sun lounge while creating an above deck insulated fish hold. The gunwales forward at either side open to expose one of the most user friendly rod locker systems we’ve tested with capacity for storing a combined total of ten 8-foot rods.

The business end of the 2800 Makaira will easily fish as a traditional blue water deck layout complete with hard top mounted outriggers and up to three available live wells aft. A pair of 28-gallon wells are standard located in each corner below the compact aft casting deck. A third, larger 50-gallon well is available as an option located beneath the twin helm seating which can also be rigged as a tackle center and rigging station. The remaining center section of the rear casting deck features a wide center seat which folds out of sight and also offers a large open access point into the bilge for any required maintenance of pumps and fittings.

The 2800 Makaira is maximum horsepower rated for up to 600-HP which might sound like a lot for a 28-footer because it is. Although I’m aware of some people’s need for twin engines to feel secure when running great distances from shore, I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical when I saw a pair of 300-HP Suzuki engines hanging on this boat. Mostly because I’d already been blown away by the performance of this hull with a single 350. Rigged with the single engine, the boat ran easily into the upper 50’s offering a shade under 4 MPG at cruising speed. After testing the max-rated model I’ll admit this boat easily handled the extra power and if speed is your thing you won’t be disappointed. Most notable in my opinion was that the Makaira still threw down impressive fuel economy with the twin 300’s. At 40-mph the 2800 provided better than 2-MPG which most people would love to see on a boat this size. These numbers may be due in part to the four (12-inch wide) stringer construction process. The extra integrity provided by the additional two stringers creates the ability to implement a lighter yet stronger lamination schedule with Kevlar reinforcement. This in conjunction with a twin step bottom design seem to strike a perfect balance for efficiency and performance.

The blue water capability of this hull has been wisely utilized to provide boaters in the open water market an option to get serious offshore without the need for a giant super console. In doing so, Blue Wave expands their line more completely into the offshore world while not taking nearshore capabilities away from the 2800 Makaira. This philosophy of versatility proves to be more and more sensible with each new model from a company already a force to be reckoned with in the inshore market as they expand towards the next horizon.

Blue Wave 2800 Makaira Specifications

Length: 27-feet 10-inches

Beam: 9-feet 2-inches

Draft: 17-inches

Weight: 3650-pounds

Maximum Horsepower: 600

Fuel: 135-gallons

Base Price: Starting at $115,000 (single engine)

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