Port St. Joe to Keaton Beach
Includes Apalachicola, St. George Island, Carabelle, St. Marks and Keaton Beach

October 18-20

As we get close to the weekend here in the area all eyes are once again on the Gulf and the potential tropical system. By all means, play it safe and make the right choice when it comes to this weather

Red Snapper fishing was off the charts on the first weekend of this extended season. A lot of fish were brought in weighing in the teens. The key here is to be prepared with live bait. Baits no larger than the size of your hand is preferred. Remember to work you baits down slowly, because the bigger snapper tend to be up in the column.

Redfish are showing up in big numbers in St. Joe and Apalachicola Bays. You can not beat a live shrimp or small pinfish. Good luck this week and by all means be safe.

KCsportfishing Charters
Mexico Beach, Florida

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