The venerable 1720 hull from Action Craft has come to be widely respected across the water in shallow water fishing circles. This is by far the most popular offering from Action Craft and for good reason, it’s a solid performer and offers exactly what so many inshore anglers are looking for; a smooth ride, a stable platform for multiple anglers, shallow draft and loads of storage both for dry gear and bait alike. Never content to put their feet up and rest on the acceptance of a solid design, Action Craft wasn’t afraid to bring some changes to the table in an effort to improve what is already a successful product. Enter the 1720 Gen III and exactly the changes the Action Craft faithful were looking for by all accounts.

Most noticeably the new helm arrangement offers improvements in both comfort and visibility. A newly designed leaning seat with rod holders offers you the ability to run the boat from a standing position and an elevated helm pod gets the driver in a position to see any oncoming targets whether fish or hazards to navigation. The need for visibility in a fishing venue has really come to the forefront of many inshore boat designs and this layout meets the needs in a way that is both practical and comfortable for anyone who finds it difficult to operate from a traditional flats boat helm deck height vantage point.

In addition, the Gen III offers a newly configured 28-gallon fuel tank design which adds 7-gallons of capacity while relocating the fuel tank below the deck inside of the forward storage compartment. This improvement offers additional storage beneath the foredeck while creating space to accommodate an extra pitch bait/crustacean well in the starboard bow to complement the two available 32-gallon tanks in the cockpit. A fold-up bench seat across the rear deck offers a large dry storage compartment below it and the starboard transom corner provides room for a storage area with access to mechanical systems to run bait pumps, PowerPoles, battery controllers etc.- each being very easy to put your hands on.

The new Gen III design has also been upgraded to handle 140-horsepower on a 6-inch Atlas Jack plate and can be built as a 980-pound glass laminate or a substantially lighter 710-pound Kevlar version. This boat like all offerings from Action Craft was extremely comfortable to spend a day aboard. As a testament to a platform built to ride comfortably, between the Qui-Dry hull design keeping the pounding and spray down to a minimum and the SeaDek trim sparing our legs and back, we all agreed that we should be more fatigued after a long day but were each surprisingly fresh when we wrapped up our testing. At this point I think the decision makers at this company can take a break from trying to improve this boat but if anything comes along to suggest otherwise I’d be surprised if they didn’t get right to work.

Action Craft 1720 Gen III Specifications:

Length: 17-feet, 2-inches

Beam: 7-feet, 3-inches

Draft: 7-9-inches

Weight: 910-pounds (710 Kevlar model)

Max Horsepower: 140

Fuel: 28-gallons

Deadrise: 17-degrees

Base price: $45,000 w/o Trailer

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