September 20-22

A nice Southwest Florida snook.

Snook fishing took top billing this week, even on the afternoon trips. Fish ranged in all sizes with a few studs off our beaches caught near our local passes. The bait of choice has been small pinfish, mojarra, and pilchards, but red and white jigs, and 4-inch swimbaits have worked about the same. The waters been great for sight fishing in some areas, especially South. On the windy days, when beach fishing isn’t realistic, we’ve been finding good fish along sandy bottomed shorelines. These areas are usually fronted by mangroves and have a trough near them where the snook will sit. These areas have produced good fish both on artificial lures and live baits.

Tarpon are still out front as well as in the back bays, and it should stay this way for a bit longer. Fishing tarpon out front doesn’t happen much when the wind is blowing from the West, but the back bays are still in play. Juvenile tarpon continued to be an early morning target and seemed to be done by 8am. In the bays fishing with finger mullet and small pinfish have worked well, as well as flies that are contrasting against the watercolor. Out front its been catfish tails, and crabs for the most part.
Redfishing dropped off a bit this week as we had some wind versus tide days making it a bit challenging. The days when Mother Nature worked in our favor were good. Redfish are still meandering around all over the place, so docks, oyster bars, and mangrove shorelines is where you’ll find them based on tide. October is almost here, so I’d expect some big number days aren’t too far off.

The offshore guys haven’t had a lot of chances to get out. Those that did found some strong offshore currents and had to use anywhere from six to 10-ounces of weight to keep things somewhat vertical. They did however get into some gag and red groupers along with some nice snappers. Nearshore, within 20-miles seemed to be the better choice on the nice days. Permit fishing continues to be great with some captains reporting schools in the hundreds. Cobia is also starting to get better, but won’t get real good until we get that first cool front.

Tight lines, Capt Greg Stamper

Capt. Greg Stamper

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