Includes Vero Beach, Ft. Pierce, Stuart, West Palm Beach and Lake Worth

July 12-14


Fishing inshore this week has been excellent for trophy snook near our St. Lucie Inlet. Live or dead baits on or near the bottom will catch big fish. Tarpon are hanging around channel edges. Use large mullet live/dead for good success. Plenty of larger jack crevalles mixed in too. Heavy tackle is recommended.


This week the main focus should be red snapper since season is only open for a few days, so be sure to take advantage. Deeper reef systems are a great area to catch larger red snapper. Bottom fishing with fish finder rigs or heavy duty chicken rigs will increase your odds at catching red snapper. Cut bait, live bait, or dead whole baits will produce good quality bites. Also, sailfish have made a showing just inshore this week in depths of 60 to 120-feet. Free line a live bait while bottom fishing to diversify your daily catch.

Capt. Jonathan Earhart

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