Port St. Joe to Keaton Beach
Includes Apalachicola, St. George Island, Carabelle, St. Marks and Keaton Beach

July 12-14

Red snapper fishing to be the focus of most everyone I have talked to this week and will continue for the last few remaining days up to the recreational closure this week. The nearshore bite has slowed but the offshore deep water bite has continued to be very productive.

Grouper fishing is the best I have seen in a while, with a number of quality fish coming to the docks almost every day.

Many people are getting daily limits with a long boat ride and some pre-planning. Nearshore fishing has been productive for flounder and reds around the bridges and on the flats in the early morning and right before sunset. It often comes in the low light time.

I will continue to stress that live bait is your key to success right now. Pinfish, ruby lipped grunts, croakers, and cigar minnows are all at the top of my list. Spend extra time in the morning or the night before your trip to get those baits because it will pay huge dividends for your fishing day.
Lastly, pay attention to details in your rigging. Leader lengths, four to six-feet, 80 to 100-pound test this time of year, 3X strong hooks, and a good knot. If you are not sure on knots there are plenty of references here on Florida Sportsman to help.

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