To build an offshore fishing boat which will provide peace of mind and a feeling of security to those venturing well beyond sight of land requires some certainties. You certainly better build it tough enough to withstand a repeated pounding in rough seas but temper the running with an easy riding bottom design. You might also want to include some built in safety features for added reassurance. If you agree with these notions and you routinely embark on Bahamas crossings or overnight trips well into the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll likely appreciate the structural integrity built into the Cape Horn 32XS. Cape Horn starts with an extremely rigid lay-up schedule at the hull bottom using over an inch of 45-degree biaxial cloth and continues up the hull sides with high quality Divinycell Foam Core. A stringer/bulkhead matrix is then glassed to the hull creating a solid frame to which every inch of air space is pressure filled with high density closed cell foam. The result is a solid, tight riding bulletproof hull that is virtually unsinkable.

The 32XS is more than just a solid riding boat however, it’s a fish worthy platform once you reach your destination. Considering first, the long range enthusiast they started by building a 740-quart fish box under the foredeck which may be the most insulated fish hold you can buy. Surrounded with 32-feet of foam, this box will make ice colder. A perfect box for overnight trips and multi-day runs to the islands. The model we tested featured a rugged framed hard top with the optional back brace that added to the solid feeling ride and made room for extra rod holders, 36 in total on this model (29 are standard). A 60-gallon live well under mezzanine style seating along with additional 20-gallon tank in the transom were more than adequate for serious live bait demands. Add an 85-quart food/drink cooler in the forward console seat 20-gallons of fresh water and a (6’ 2”) stand up head/console below along with clean 360-degree fish around capability and throw in a 500+ mile range and you’ve got a serious combination of features to get you beyond your comfort zone. In the era of center consoles growing to impossibly large proportions it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that not so long ago a 32-foot boat was considered a big center console and we never gave a second thought to venturing well into the wild blue beyond in one. A boat in this class was up to the task back then and as the Cape Horn 32SX proves it continues to be in the present day.

Cape Horn 32XS Specifications

Length: 31 feet, 10 inches

Beam: 9 feet, 1 inch

Draft: 22 inches

Deadrise: 23-degrees

Weight: 5400 pounds

Maximum horsepower: 700

Fuel: 273 gallons

Maximum load: 4000 pounds

Base price: $240,000.00

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