For a young family looking to explore the world of offshore boating and fishing, a brand new 25-foot boat can be a considerable investment. A brisk market for new boat sales and a robust economy have seen the demand for high end water toys exploding recently. Not all buyers are like Texas oilmen on a lost weekend in Las Vegas however and new kid on the block, Arrowglass has got that young growing family who are doing well but don’t squander discretionary income carelessly in mind. The brand new Arrowglass 248CC was conceived for just such a buyer.

This is a boat to spend part of your day cruising on the inland waters with the family, relaxing at the sandbar or snorkeling a nearshore reef, and part of the day offshore chasing deep reef dwellers or pelagics for the family barbecue. The 248CC combines a sensible amount of seating with plenty of open work space for fishing nicely. Beginning in the bow with forward V-bench seating and removable forward facing backrests, this seating houses matching insulated storage boxes that join an in deck forward insulated fish box to service your fish and gear storage needs. A low profile bow-handrail is a nice security measure for the kids. The center console is large enough to accommodate a head below and also offers more dry storage options. The top can be a powder coated soft or hard top and both provide adequate shade to the helm along with an additional six rod holders overhead. A traditional rocket launcher/leaning post seat features storage tray and cooler space beneath along with four extra rod holders. Across the transom, the 248CC offers twin jump seats in the corners which allow passage on both sides out to the transom platform for water entry. At the center transom, a 30-gallon live well is built in alongside a sink and fresh water (18-gallons) shower which would come in handy after a swim or dive.

Arrowglass has plans to grow their own family with other models in the future to join the 248CC in their line and if part of their plan is to build more sensibly priced boats for the everyday family to enjoy the outdoors aboard they may be on to something.

Arrowglass 248CC Specifications

Length: 24 feet 8 inches

Beam: 8 feet 10 inches

Fresh water: 18 gallons

Fuel: 105 gallons

Maximum Horsepower: 400

Base price: $74,999.00

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