March 15-17

Deerfield Beach to Key Largo & Flamingo to Cape Sable

NOAA Weather is forecasting winds to be from the east south east and a light 5 to 10 knots throughout the weekend.

Pompano Beach, Port Everglades, Haulover, Government Cut to Ocean Reef

The nighttime tarpon bite in our ocean inlets has been great. Big hungry tarpon are eating medium size blue crabs, large live shrimp and an assortment of shrimp and crab imitation lures. The best action is happening on the outgoing tides, but tarpon are being caught on the incoming at times. Look for rolling fish in the area you are in and keep an eye out on your side scan and depth recorder to help you locate the fish. Along the beaches when the water was dirty and rough, lots of bluefish, a few pompanos and a few nice Spanish mackerel were being caught. Live shrimp, jigs, flashy spoons and Rapala X Raps were getting the strikes. Further offshore Spanish mackerel were chasing schools of ballyhoo. Along the outer reef in depths from 80 to 200 feet of water king mackerel were being caught with some of the kings exceeding 50 pounds. At times large pods of sailfish were sliding by our coast in the same depths, Blackfin tuna, bonitos, wahoo and a few dolphin fish were also being caught in those depths. The best way to get in on the action was to fish a large threadfin herring, pilchard, small bluerunner, ballyhoo or goggleye jack from under a kite. Drifting dead ballyhoo on a three-hook rig or jigging a vertical jig was also working on these fish. On the bottom over artificial wrecks, large mutton snappers, cobia, catch and release groupers and an assortment of jacks were eating live pinfish fished near the bottom. At night the anchor boats continue to score on a mixed bag of snappers, jacks, grunts and bluefish. The swordfishing has been good during the daylight hours out in 1800 feet of water. Low tide at Government Cut Friday night will be at 10:19.

North Biscayne Bay Inshore

Sea trout have started their spawning season in North Bay. Even though the grasses are all but gone in the bay the sea trout are still around. Hit some of your favorite areas with a live shrimp fished from under a Cajun Thunder float and with a Hookup lure jig head with a soft plastic as you prospect from one spot to the other. Keep an eye out for skipping pompano because these tasty hard fighters are in the bay right now. The pompano will eat the same rigs as the sea trout. Spanish mackerel and bluefish are scattered in the bay and have been showing up when least expected. These toothy critters will eat a flashy Rapala #10 X Rap or a silver spoon. Nighttime tarpon and snook action has mostly been in and around the ocean inlets. Low tide at Indian Creek Golf Club Saturday morning is at 6:26 AM

South Biscayne Bay

With calm conditions this weekend bonefishng should be good. An early morning outgoing tide will have the bonefish and possibly a few permits feeding close to the Oceanside shorelines and high up on the shallow flats of South Biscayne Bay. Look for tailing fish and fish pushing wakes as the tide recedes. Large live shrimp, small crabs, Hookup lure bonefish jigs, skimmer jigs and artificial shrimp and crab flies is what most bonefish and permit fishermen will be throwing. Closer to the mainland flats and the nearby islands look for baby tarpon to be feeding on live pilchards and baits that resemble pilchards. Bonnethead and lemon sharks as well as a bunch of barracudas will be in the same areas. The Finger Channels continue to produce mangrove and mutton snappers, small groupers, an assortment of jacks and some big sharks. Along the shorelines of Key Biscayne large tarpon are looking for a frisky live mullet or medium size blue crab. High tide at Soldier Key on Saturday will be at 5:43 in the morning.


With little water on the flats of Florida Bay in the morning expect snook, redfish, black drum, sea trout and tarpon to be competing for any shrimp or shrimp imitation lure that comes near them. Work the sides of the flats, the channels and channel edges. Once the tide starts to flood head north and fish the shorelines for snook and redfish. As you get further north big tarpon have been eating live mullet, shrimp, small ladyfish and pinfish fished from under a large Cajun Thunder float. Some of the best tarpon action has been around Northwest Cape and Shark River. Over the grass flats around Conchie Channel, Middle Ground, First National Bank and all the banks in the area of Sandy Key plenty of sea trout, mangrove snappers, ladyfish, jacks and some large tarpon can be targeted. Out in the open water outside of Sandy Key and over the rock piles and wrecks, Spanish mackerel, bluefish, pompano, cobia, sheepshead and more can be caught on live shrimp and pinfish. In the inside waters of Oyster and Whitewater Bays big tarpon are eating small live ladyfish and pinfish. These giant silver kings are being caught on large soft plastics and hard plastic lures. There have been a lot of small redfish and snook around the points that have a good current flowing. Low tide at Flamingo in Florida Bay on Saturday will be at 7:57 AM and at the mouth of Shark River high tide is at 11:46 AM.








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