What most people define as a “True Technical Poling Skiff” is typically a small framed, “tippy” little wisp of a skiff built to carry two people, one on the bow casting and one on the pole. These boats are designed with a very narrow range of abilities for a very specific purpose, to sneak quietly into the shallowest waters and present a bait or fly to an unwary fish. While many people in search of a shallow water capable craft think this is the perfect style of boat to suit their needs, all too often they realize how little time they actually spend in 6-inches of water and the trade-off of limited space for anglers and gear and vessel instability doesn’t justify the “technical skiff” returns. To offer the best of both worlds, Ankona Boats has combined the backwater personality traits and technical ability of a micro skiff with the stability and extra deck space of a larger flats boat with their new Ankona Advent 17.

The Advent 17 is sized to carry that extra angler if necessary and provide you the appropriate amount of storage space for three people’s needs along with a single 10-gallon live well (second well optional). The Advent will take you into 6-inches of water when you pack her light but her 16-feet 10-inch by 68-inch footprint will deliver the real stability not found in a true “Micro” skiff. Like a micro skiff however, she exhibited very impressive poling manners with the combination of a light 350-pound carbon/Kevlar hull and Variable Radius Transom. The rounded corners aft provide a quiet down sea tack without hull slap while aiding the boats turning ability noticeably. The interior lines above deck are softer with curved edges to the rear of the foredeck cap adding a more graceful overall finished quality. This is a well thought out and long awaited addition to the Ankona family. The eternally working mind of Mel Walker never rests and this third new model in just two years demonstrates both his extensive knowledge of not only the design and construction of smart, modern skiffs, but also his understanding of the needs of the market.

The micro skiff market may very well have found the perfect balance in a boat that delivers shallow water ability in a slightly larger more practical for everyday use format. What may be the most favorable note is the price, as skiff costs continue to soar. The Advent 17 is offered in remote steering center or side consoles as well as tiller steering models with boat, motor, trailer packages starting at 20K.

Ankona Advent 17 specifications:

Length: 16 feet, 10 inches

Beam: 68 inches

Draft: 6 inches

Hull weight: 350 pounds

Horsepower: 30-50

Fuel: 11 gallons

Live well: 10 gallons (second 10-gallon well optional)

MSRP: Boat, Motor, Trailer packages starting at $20,000.00

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