Ben Sheaffer has long been known for bringing the popular “Bay/Hybrid” style boat into the spotlight with his S240 model. A boat widely acclaimed for its functionality as a west coast “pass” style platform, offering a shallow draft and choppy water stability simultaneously.
Current owners of the S240 who appreciated its style and construction standard but wanted to venture offshore further more comfortably demanded a new model and Sheaffer Marine was listening. After years of thoughtful design and planning, a new member of the family, the S280 was created. The S280 offers specifications very similar to her sister, only scaled up into a 28-foot platform. An additional 12-inches (9’-6”) of beam and 4-feet of length combined with a touch more deadrise (16-degrees) will take you farther from home more comfortably while only adding a single inch of draft with single power.

The S280 sports the classic lines of a more traditional center console and is honestly more of an offshore styled hull from outward appearances. The interior layout tells a different story. A deck layout more slanted towards coastal fishing provides a very favorable floor plan for nearshore sight fishing. The elevated forward casting deck vantage point gets you above the water for better visibility while creating useful space for storage. Two forward wing hatches reveal dry storage boxes ahead of matching port and starboard full length locking rod storage compartments. Beneath the center deck a large insulated fish hold handles your catch or additional gear storage. The entire forward deck is ideal for sight casting to cruising tarpon or cobia as well as throwing to coastal structure and docks.

A move to the cockpit suggests a more offshore slanted work space. The traditional open cockpit deck behind a helm/work station and closed transom implies a day of offshore trolling or live baiting would be a suitable game plan. The S280 is offered with a helm seat/ tackle station or an optional 55-gallon live well model. A large 40-gallon live well is standard equipment across the wide transom along with a pair of large capacity outboard insulated fish boxes easily capable of handling larger blue water pelagics. These boats are essentially a fully custom boat that offer many options to suit the buyer built around a beautifully crafted and highly finished template. The extra attention to detail you expect from a custom built boat is evident at every turn on these boats. Available in single or twin outboard power up to 600-HP with a second station and outriggers, the S280 will get you to the blue water in the morning and let you stop for a tarpon drift in the pass in style on your way home.

Sheaffer S280 Specifications:

Length: 28 feet, 2 inches

Beam: 9 feet, 6 inches

Draft: 18-inches

Deadrise: Variable 60-degree entry/16-degree transom

Fuel: 170-gallons (45 extra optional)

Weight: 8000lb

Maximum Horsepower: Twin 300hp

Base price (nicely rigged): $180,000.00

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