Check out Spencer Miller’s stunning documentary on Florida’s water crisis, Sweetwater.

A still taken from Spencer Miller’s Sweetwater documentary showing dead snook bobbing on the surface of a river. This is the state of Florida now.

“I was born and raised in South Florida,” says Miller, “and I embraced the maritime lifestyle. I’ve camped in the Ten Thousand Islands; I fish and dive in the Keys, Florida Bay, and Biscayne Bay; and I frequently trek upcoast looking for surf. Yet, until I spoke to a member of this past summer, I didn’t truly understand the influence the sugar industry has on our waterways, let alone realize that about an hour from my house sits over 700,000 acres of sugarcane.

“That was all before I “went down the rabbit hole” and started researching and speaking to people who are directly affected by toxic algae, red tide, and waters far too salty to support any life—all the result of blatant water mismanagement. The film not only tells their tales, but also the larger story of corrupt politicians and big money corporations poisoning everything they, along with all other Floridians, live for. Yes, this may sound outrageous—pinning Florida’s environmental crisis on a few big companies. But give the film a watch, and you’ll be thrown into the rabbit hole, too.”

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