The results are in… your favorite place to fish is…

Captain Ryan Van Fleet of Tavernier with a mutton snapper. No surprise that the Keys turned up as one of our readers’ favorite destinations.

In the most recent Florida Sportsman Panel survey, taken by 478 people, we asked about Florida’s top fishing destinations, as well as, “If you could go anywhere in Florida, where would you like to spend a week fishing?” along with a host of other questions about our readers’ fishing habits of late.

“What is the best big city in Florida for fishing?”

Of the choices of Destin, Tampa, Fort Myers, Miami and Jacksonville… Miami was the top choice with 34% of the vote.

“If you could spend a week anywhere in Florida fishing one location’s waters, where would that be?”

In order, the top two answers were… Islamorada and Key West.

“What would you say are Florida’s top fishing destinations in the eyes of the public?”

The answers in order from first to third were… Key West, Islamorada and Boca Grande.

In a show of dedication to fishing, 83% of respondents said that they have traveled to fish the town that they chose as Florida’s top fishing destination.

The greatest deterrent to fishing right now, in respondents’ opinion, by far is… not regulations (14%), not overcrowding (10%), not expense, declining fish stocks…but by far, water quality (51%).

These and other insights, and a wealth of commentary from our respondents, were developed in the survey. Thank you for participating.

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