For the second consecutive season, Bonefish Boats has delivered one of the most fun to run, cool looking little sport boats of the entire season of Best Boat. Long on looks and fun to drive will only get you so far building boats however, was the Bohemian 17 functional? You bet she was. Built around the premise of providing a high performance poling hull that will get you from A to B quickly and comfortably across open water yet still operate in stealth mode over the skinny water in a serious fishing setting. From a ride standpoint the Bohemian 17 hull is rather unique in the world of poling skiffs. Using a bit more deadrise than is commonly found on a skinny water skiff in conjunction with a single step bottom with a downturned chine offers a remarkably soft and dry ride from a hull that is expected to float in shallow water. I found the ride to be very sports car like and had a difficult time not wanting to push her to the limit as if I were a 16-year-old kid running a stolen hot rod. Sportiness aside could she offer these traits and still operate in stealth mode on the flats. Strangely enough, the Bohemian 17 transformed into a shallow draft machine seamlessly poling with the least effort imaginable in 6-inches of water, turning on a dime with minimal hull noise at every angle. Quite impressive for a boat nearly 18-feet in length indeed.

The Bohemian is sure to appeal to a very serious fisherman who likes to deploy every tool available for inshore fishing. Not strictly a poling skiff, this boat was rigged with a trolling motor as well and would easily accommodate a shallow water anchor pole. She also comes standard with a 20-gallon livewell under the aft center deck as well as an additional release well alongside this to starboard. A forward console seat features an insulated drink box which can also be plumbed as a well. The forward casting deck offers a single large storage compartment below with a shallow compartment on the lower forward deck for storing a cast net out of the way. For an inshore enthusiast who fishes lots of water covering many miles in a day and likes to be versatile in their approach using multiple techniques, you’d be hard pressed to find anything to complain about with this little skiff.

Bonefish Bohemian 17 Specifications

Length: 17 feet 9 inches

Beam: 6 feet

Draft: 6.5”

Transom height: 20 inches

Weight: 550 pounds

Maximum Horsepower: 115

Fuel: 25 gallons

Livewell(s) 20/20

Base price with 70 HP Yamaha and trailer: $47,000.00

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