“I didn’t realize it was in as bad of shape until we got it home,” said Robert Fleming of Daytona, when asked about his 32-foot SeaCraft overhaul.

Fishing the inshore waters of East Central Florida from his flats boat, Fleming didn’t venture into the blue water much. It only took a few good trips with his buddies to realize he was hooked on offshore fishing, and wanted a center console for himself. It wasn’t only for his own pleasure though, this was a great opportunity for him to spend some time with his son.

Fleming came across the 32 SeaCraft online and after a sea trial was able to score the boat for $42,000; a deal, or so he thought.

After hearing horror stories of SeaCrafts sinking, he opted to bring it to Marine Customs Unlimited (MCU) in Stuart to get the transom closed in and an Armstrong Bracket added. “Talking with Brian, the project totally blew up,” said Fleming, and the enclosed transom job blossomed into a full restoration. The bones of the boat were solid, but the appearance needed some work, a life spent in the sun did some damage.

The boat originally had two 150-gallon gas tanks, one on each side of the boat. Fleming knew he wanted more fuel capacity, so they were removed and two huge fish boxes took their place. A new 400-gallon tank was added in the center, leveling out the boat. The livewell in the floor was standard from Seacraft, but was awkward when getting baits in and out, often requiring to get on one knee. That had to go. When the transom was sealed, a large live well was added, making for much easier access.

Custom work was plentiful throughout this boat, including the paint job itself. Many mistake the custom-faded boot stripe as a decal and are astonished when they learn that it’s the actual paint job. “What I love about the boat the most is the dash and the electronics. I think that’s what MCU does the best. There’s nothing like it coming in a manufactured boat right now,” exclaimed Fleming.

After the overhaul was complete, Fleming spent $200,000 on modifications, bringing the total of his dreamboat to $242,000. “Now that it’s done, I’d like to build something else, because that’s just how I am.”

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