Minn Kota MK110PD-Right-HighRes

Minn Kota Portable Charger MK110-PD

If they have a boat, they need a battery charger. If they have a kayak or canoe, they need a charger—for the trolling motor battery they’ll inevitably want some day. Shoot, if they have wading boots… they need a charger, for the car when those lights are left on. Minn Kota’s Portable Charger MK110-PD fits the bill for $84.99 for the 10-amp model and $59.99 for the 5 amp. Both are compatible with flooded lead acid batteries and AGM types (but not gel). The units are fully automated, sensing and adjusting to charging needs for fast, accurate performance.

    $59.99 to $84.99