Costa Del Mar recently launched their Untangle Our Oceans campaign earlier this year to raise awareness of the growing problem of discarded fishing nets and gear being some of the deadliest forms of plastic in our oceans.

Every year, the amount of these grows by an estimated 640,000 tons. They joined forces with Bureo, a dedicated team working with fishermen to prevent used nets from polluting our oceans and harming marine life.

They came up with four stylish designs, all made from plastic pellets, recyced from old fishing nets. Each design has four different lens options.


The ‘classic’ Baffin model with grey lenses.


The sleek Caldera model with blue mirrored lenses.


The Pescador model features a boxier lense shape.


The Victoria model has elegant curves and is especially feminine when paired with these rosey, copper-silver mirrored lenses.

Conservation never looked so good!

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