MyFishCount has teamed up with FishSmart to help you to be more active in the conservation of red snapper and other reef fish.

Every year, roughly 350 million saltwater fish are caught by recreational anglers in the South Atlantic, with 60% being returned to the water. Improving survival of these fish by even 1% could save 2-3 million fish annually!

Although all fish are important, improving the survival of large spawners in particular can make a big difference to fishing over time. Implementing “Best Practices” for releasing fish is the right thing to do and will help ensure sound fisheries in the future.

About the Project

FishSmart – a program of the sportfishing industry, anglers, and fisheries managers – and the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council would like you to provide information about your experience using a SeaQualizer descending device and evaluate “Best Practices” for releasing deepwater fish such as snapper and grouper.

After enrolling in the project, once or twice a year, FishSmart will contact you by email and ask you to complete a very brief survey, answering questions related to how frequently you use the device, number of fish that you release, whether you encountered any problems, or have any recommendations to improve, either the device or “Best Practices for Releasing Fish. Importantly, MyFishCount users enrolled in the project can provide valuable information by indicating on their app when you use the device and the depth at which you are fishing.

Information will be used to refine FishSmart Best Practices and improve management based on your on-the-water experiences using descending devices.

If you are not enrolled in the FishSmart program and would like to, visit, review the videos and information provided on Best Practices.

Enroll now for the project to receive your free descending device! Photo courtesy of

Click here to register for the South Atlantic Red Snapper and Red Drum Conservation Project

We thank you for participating in this project. It’s through anglers such as you, companies that care about fish & fishing, and the MyFishCount & FishSmart programs, that we can improve the future of sport fishing.

Please use the contacts below to learn more about the project in your State

North Carolina

Chris Wilson

South Carolina

Phil Maier


Kathy Knowlton


Rich Abrams

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