Update your old tackle boxes with Lure Lock Retro Fitting Kits and Lure Pads for more tackle storage solutions

Lure Lock introduces Retro Fitting Kits and Lure Pads for anglers looking to update their existing tackle boxes and enhance their organization. Both the Lure Pad and Retro Fitting Kits feature Lure Lock’s proprietary gel which is designed to securely hold hooks, terminal tackle, and lures in place, even when the case is turned upside down.

The Retro Fitting Kits are designed to fit into an anglers existing tackle box. At only 3/16” thick, these gel pads allow anglers to take advantage of Lure Lock’s gel technology, yet still leave ample room for storage.

The Lure Pad is designed to hold the outdoor enthusiast’s cell phone, tools or lures securely in place when the peel off backing is removed and placed on a flat surface. These are ideally suited for your boat or truck.

“With the addition of these two products to the product line, Lure Lock is now able to aid more anglers in taking their tackle storage solutions to the next level,” stated Glenn Walker, Providence Marketing Group, VP of Operations. “The Lure Pad also serves as a great cell phone and tool holder in a person’s boat or vehicle, no more looking for your phone that slid off the console in your vehicle.”

Lure Pad Specs:

    5” tall x 2 ½” wide

    5 ½” tall x 3 ½” wide

Retro Fitting Kit Specs:

    Fits 3500 Size Cases
    9 5/8” long x 1 3/16” wide
    2 pack

    Fits 3600 Size Cases
    6 ½” long x 1 7/16” wide
    3 pack

    Fits 3700 Size Cases
    14 3/8” long x 1 5/8” wide
    2 pack

For more information about Lure Lock products please visit http://www.lurelock.com, or contact Glenn Walker at glenn@providencemarketinggroup.net with media or marketing requests.

About Lure Lock

Lure Lock is owned by Tak Logic, LLC and is located in Ettrick, Wisconsin. Lure Lock tackle boxes feature a patented gel material – all made in the USA. For more information, call 608-525-3636.

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