The 2360 Bay Ranger offers some very attractive fishing features in an extremely racy looking package. To begin with, this is a very solid feeling boat both while moving around on her as well as in the way she rides. The boat just feels tight and well put together. Esthetically, you’ll find plenty of polished stainless steel trim and premium upholstery along with clean finish work above and below the deck. From a style standpoint she is also very solid but the 2360 is a fishing boat through and through.

Standout features from the angler’s perspective would be first, work space and comfort. Bay Boats are typically utilized in conditions which require a bit more stability than an inshore flats skiff provides. The 2360 offers a roomy forward casting deck which is recessed enough below the gunnel height to offer added security on a rocking boat while casting to or fighting a fish. The same toe kick is found on the aft casting deck as well. The aft deck is very fishing friendly due to the closed transom which allows anglers to fish right up to and over the engine without the hassle of tangling a fish in it. Another very handy fishing feature is the use of an above deck live well. Being a big fan of keeping the bait within easy reach for quick deployment I find this a smart design. A 40-gallon baitwell is located in the helm station/leaning seat. This baitwell does not require the use of a standpipe drain which allows you to keep a pitch bait rigged and free of obstructions, ready to deploy at all times without the worry of tangled leaders.

Storage on the 2360 is more than generous and includes a 240-quart fish box along with a forward rod locker and numerous other fully finished and Gel-Coated compartments with solid hatches on stainless steel gas springs (which are all lockable.) A large console storage area can be accessed through the front easily by way of a full sized swinging door. The hard top is a good example of smart engineering providing shade to the maximum square footage of passenger area without getting in the way of striking rods and passing anglers. Ranger Boats manages to blend the right amount of style and serious fishing functionality with this model.


Length – 23’ 5”

Beam – 8’ 4”

Max HP – 300

Inside Depth – 19”

Draft (Motor Up) – 16”

Fuel – 81-Gal

Livewell – 40-Gal

Weight – 3400LBS W/O T-Top (3700LBS with top)

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