As a recreational activity these days, fishing isn’t the only leisure time option for the modern boating family. Plenty of boaters, especially those with large or growing families turn to the water for a host of various other reasons. Water tow/sports, coastal cruising, sand bar activities, picnic rides, snorkeling, (and yes even fishing) are all popular pastimes and finding a boat to wear so many hats might not seem easy. The “Dual Console” style boat has always been a practical choice for this type of mixed use boating and the Release 230 DC proves to be a very capable platform for each of these hobbies.

Starting with the need to carry plenty of passengers, the combination of both forward and aft lounge seating, along with the dual helm-area seating addresses this requirement, accommodating 6-8 passengers easily. The aft seating features companion aft-facing single seats which are perfect for safety spotters while pulling riders behind the boat on water toys/boards. A swim platform with a boarding ladder is standard and an optional Transom Mount Ski/Tow Kit is available. A forward facing bench seat in the cockpit folds down to open up some space aft for fishing and while not specifically a fishing boat, it is certainly capable if the situation calls for it. The forward lounge seating is well suited for cruising and socializing and while large enough to carry a group, the size of the 230 DC doesn’t prevent passengers located forward and aft from communicating with each other without shouting. The seating all around features comfortable padded cushions and cockpit bolsters trim the backrests nicely. The interior space within both consoles allows for plenty of dry storage with easy access and plenty of room for an Electric or Porta-Head as well.

This boat handled exceptionally well when we put it through its paces and proved to be a perfect vessel for our sand bar visit and inland waterway cruising with multiple riders (and a dog) over our two-day test run. For pleasure boat shoppers with a large family and lots of friends, this is definitely a serious option to consider.


Length – 23’
Beam – 8’ 6”
Draft (Up/Down)- 16”/33”
Dead rise – 20-degree
Weight (w/o power) – 3500LBS
Fuel – 140-GAL
Max HP – Single 300

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