Includes Vero Beach, Ft. Pierce, Stuart, West Palm Beach and Lake Worth

July 20-22


Fishing inshore in July is always an excellent month to target trophy sized snook, large tarpon, big jacks, and black drum. Trophy sized snook fishing near local inlets will be best using live bait. Heavier tackle is suggested. A short quick fight on these large breeding fish will ensure a safe release. Try to avoid using too light of tackle. Light tackle wears the fish out, once they become too exhausted they tend to float away and get picked off by sharks. Keep this in mind when targeting snook during the summer spawn. Tarpon are holding in good numbers along local beaches and in the river around large schools of bait. Trolling baits around the edges of bait fish schools is an effective way to target these inshore giants. Black drum are holding around any of our local bridges. Shrimp on a jig head worked along the bottom is a great way to bring a few home for dinner. Also Sheepshead & tripletail now have updated regulations. Tripletail now have a 18-inch minimum size. Sheepshead has a lower bag limit at eight per person.


Fishing nearshore has been excellent this week. Mahi, kingfish, snapper, and cobia are lingering around schools of baitfish. Lots of greenies are along local beaches, which is a good sign for fishing nearshore. Cobia, kingfish, mahi are all holding around nearshore wrecks this week. Snappers are on nearshore reefs. Bottom fishing with cut bait is a sure fire way to bring a few home to the fryer. Tarpon & permit are roaming the beaches too. Freelining crabs or greenies will give you ample opportunity to catch a few of these prized fish along the beach and on local nearshore wrecks.


Mahi fishing remains strong in 1500-feet of water. Trolling inshore in 150 to 300-feet you can expect plenty of bonita, sails, kingfish, and blackfin tuna. Smaller tuna are holding good in 300-feet. Bottom fishing remains steady for snapper, grouper, seabass, triggerfish, and porgies. Bottom fishing 70 to 180-feet should produce a variety of species. Keep a cobia jig on board as well. A few have been roaming in 70 to 90-feet over the past few days on the six and eight mile reef system.

Capt. Jonathan Earhart

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