Tomoka Basin to Sebastian Inlet

Includes Daytona Beach, Titusville, Cape Canaveral, Cocoa and Melbourne

July 20-22

Ponce inlet



Sea witch covered strip baits are working on the King mackerel on the 70 to 90-foot reefs. Captain Mark Gibson Has been finding good numbers of these fish while trolling a pink and white colored model on the party grounds on most of his trips this week. A mixed bag of snapper, grouper, and amberjack are possible on the reefs and wrecks in the 90 to 250-foot depths. Live or cut grunts and croakers seem to be the best baits to use for these fish. If live baits like pogies or mullet are hanging around the inlet angler should find tarpon holding close by. Captain Mike Mann has been targeting tarpon, shark, and bonito behind the shrimp boats in some of his recent trips. He’s getting some good fish into the 120-pound class by using the shrimpers by-catch on a VMC 7385 8/0 circle hook.


A mixed bag of mangrove snapper, speckled trout, snook, jack, and even a few flounder can be found inside the river between the north bridge and the Boston Whaler Plant in Edgewater. Live shrimp, pigfish, and fingerling mullet are top live bait choices for all the species mentioned. Saltwater Assassin 4-inch sea shad in the houdini, or avocado/red flake colors are working very well on most days when cast around docks and oyster patches in this section of the river. Juvenile tarpon may also be possible for anlgers free lining live shrimp during dawn and dusk periods.



Amberjack and gag grouper are still a good possibility on the deeper wrecks and reefs. Live grunts, croakers, and pinfish are working well on both species. Closer to shore the kingfish bite has been fair on the 70 to 90-foot reefs. Pelican Flats and 8A are the two places that seem to be holding the better groups of fish right now. They have been moving up and down the reefs looking for baitfish to feed on, so they are not always in the same place two days in a row. Slow trolling with live or frozen sardines, pogies, etc has been effective on the kings on most days though. The problem with this type of fishing is that we have had a tough time finding live baitfish over the past two weeks. Hopefully this will change soon but for now carry some frozen baits with you as a backup plan.


A mixed bag of mangrove snapper, trout, redfish, and ladyfish can be found in the central portions of the Indian river in Brevard county. Assassin Sea shad rigged on a 1/8th ounce jig head fished along the docks and drop offs in this area should produce quite a few fish.
Look for baitfish like glass minnows, small pilchards, or mullet in the area you want to fish. These baitfish are the key to finding the predators. Area causeway bridges are good places to find black drum, silver trout, and mangrove snapper, so make a few cast around the pilings of these structures.



Lane, mutton, and mangroves are on the structures in the 45 to 90-foot depths. Small baitfish like fingerling mullet or pilchards will work on them but, just like the Canaveral area, live baits have been hard to come by in the Sebastian area the past 10 days or so. Frozen baits are working though so bring a box of sardines with you and you will have a backup plan if no live baitfish can be found. Tarpon, shark, and king mackerel are holding in the glass minnow pods along the beaches from Vero to Melbourne. Flies and small spoons that imitate glass minnows are the best way to get them to strike.


Jack, ladyfish, trout, and snook are all possible catches. Small jigs in white or yellow have been effective lately on these fish. Work areas with large mullet on the flats. These other fish are moving along the outskirts of the mullet pods on most days. Spoil islands are another are that you can find a mixed bag of these fish. Rattling or popping corks with a shrimp or jig suspended beneath them are great for searching these areas.

Until next week…Catch a memory!!!!!

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