A few of the many new products being showcased at ICAST this week

The 2018 International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trade, or ICAST, opens today to members of the media and sportfishing industry in Orlando, Florida. The show concludes Friday, July 13. Not to be confused with an expo or tackle show, ICAST is strictly a B2B affair, where manufacturers, distributors and representatives of tackle shops large and small determine what kind of gear will be on the shelves near you. But, it’s also evolved into a kind of media reveal where Florida Sportsman Magazine staffers and some other lucky sources get their hands on the latest and greatest fishing gear. From speedy new reels to fresh duds, sensitive rods to realistic jigs, it’s all on display—and we’re there to share it with you! Here’s a sneak peek gallery of new product from some of the major players at ICAST. Stay tuned to Floridasportsman.com and our Facebook page for updates as the week goes on.

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