Port St. Joe to Keaton Beach
Includes Apalachicola, St. George Island, Carabelle, St. Marks and Keaton Beach

July 6-8

Trout and redfish on the flats around St. Joe bay will be congregated around the large schools of bait, such has pilchards and pinfish. Netting these baits and floating them underneath a cork with a 20-pound mono leader, 20 to 24-inches, and 2/0 VMC circle hook. Fish them anywhere in three to six-feet of water over the grass flats near the large schools of bait.

Pompano, cobia and mackerel will be cruising along the beaches. Pompano are in the troughs closest to the beach in two to four-feet of water. Small live shrimp on the bottom and/or pompano jigs orange and pink work well. Mackerel and cobia will be outside or along the second sandbar. Slow trolling mackerel rigs for spanish while keeping an eye out for migrating cobia is always a good technique.

Report contributed by Capt. Jordan Todd, Saltwater Obsessions Charters, (850) 227-6550, saltwater_obsessions@yahoo.com

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