For anglers who like to access skinny water fishing opportunities but require more stability than a technical poling skiff offers this may be your solution. The new Carolina Skiff 19 SWS may not sneak up on a school of nervous Bonefish but this stable, wide, flat bottom will get you in water shallow enough to make you nervous. The advertised 3” draft is about as practical a depth that any boat would ever need to float in under any circumstance. For the inshore fisherman that navigates shoal areas and has unfriendly terrain to contend with such as rocks or oysters, the combined toughness of the Carolina Skiff brand and her minimal draft are no joke.

The twin raised deck layout provides a comfortable elevated casting platform for multiple anglers and can be outfitted with fore and aft raised pedestal swivel seats as well. Front and rear live wells complement the twin seat arrangement nicely. This is another Carolina Skiff model built to handle a crowd and for a large family who all like to boat and fish, the ability to carry up to 11 people is a plus leaving room for all the kids and their friends too. A 70-quart cooler/helm seat and forward and aft lockable storage hatches below the decks are standard and a list of upgrade options ranging from safety rails and leaning post rocket launcher, to T-top and hydraulic or electric Jack plate are also available.

If a solid, reliable, and durable hull are what you expect in a skiff but you want a bit more of the finish work to show through, the traditional rugged look and tough shell of your old Carolina Skiff are still in there somewhere but they dressed her up nicely with this model.

Carolina Skiff 19 SWS specifications:

Length: 19 feet

Beam: 7 feet 9 inches

Draft: 3 inches

Gunnel height: 18 inches

Weight: 1590 pounds

Max load: 2700 pounds

Max persons: 11

Max Horsepower: 115

Fuel: 30-gallons

MSRP: $19,422.00 (W/O Power)

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